The BEST hammie stretch + Halloween Fun!

I woke up this morning to the sound of Abby walking around on the floor next to the bed and then hopping up and burrowing herself back under the duvet. And I thought to myself, wow, it’s before my alarm and I actually feel quite refreshed, like I could get up now…I wonder what time it is? So I open my eyes and..AHHHHHHHH!! I forgot to set my alarm and I’m an hour late. Although Abby would have gladly given up her walk time so that I could get my run in, I’m a more responsible pet owner than that. So, I will go into my long run tomorrow morning a little more rested than originally planned!

Last night was the 5th and final week of my “torture class” and it was awesome. Last week she had told us that we would be focusing on hamstrings tonight so that intense leg workout I did Tuesday night primed my hammies well for class!  Hamstrings are hard to get at on your own and in previous classes we had used techniques using only the foam roller and it really wasn’t all that effective. Last night, we used the Alpha ball – the one I posted about yesterday. And it was AH-MAAAAAAZING (note: you can still use the small balls, it’s just that you might get better results with the Alpha ball).

We warmed the area up with leg extensions. We placed the ball on yoga blocks – but since I don’t own those, I just made a pile out of old yearbooks – don’t ask why I have those within arms reach!. 

(For those of you looking closely, you’ll note that I have 5 yearbooks. It’s not because I did a victory lap. It’s because when I was in high school there was still grade 13!)

I think the pics are fairly self explanatory, but there is a video below each exercise as well!

And you can see in the video that I shifted my weight around to make sure I was able to apply enough pressure and, that I moved the ball to different locations along my hamstrings. And really, for me, this part didn’t do much, unless I had it on a particularly tender/tight spot.

Then we did some rolling along the fibers…oooh, this was gooood. In that horrible way! Because there are three heads to the hamstring, you want to make sure you roll along the middle as well as the outsides of the hamstrings. Experiment with turning your foot outwards and inwards as you roll.

Seriously, I love this one.

Note: if you have problems with your wrists (because you have to prop yourself up using your hands), try holding a free weight (dumbbell) in each hand against the floor – it helps keep your wrists straight.

And then we did cross-fibres work. You can also do this with the ball on a stack of books (or yoga block if you’re that well equipped!), but it puts pressure on the hip flexor and us runners don’t need to be doing any more things that do that, so I found it most comfortable to just have the ball on the floor and to drag my heel across the floor.

And in the video, you can see that I change the location of the ball to hit different areas of the hamstring.

This morning I had my bi-annual fire training at work with Fireman Dan…and I love Fireman Dan. LOL! We learn basic stuff – emergency procedures at hospital including full building evacuation. But my favorite parts are at the end. The first is when he reviews the moronic things people continue to do at the hospital that are fire hazards – microwaves seem to be playgrounds for morons. Fireman Dan says that those are THE primary cause of smoke detectors going off in the hospital. There are now stickers on every microwave in the hospital that say NO POPCORN.That cracks me up that they’ve had to ban microwave popcorn. Then he showed us a (charred) paper coffee cup that someone had tried to re-heat in the microwave (it took 45s for it to catch fire) and then there’s the toaster where the button you use to push the toast down, is held together by an elastic. He confiscated this toaster after it caught on fire when someone walked away from their toasting bread.  Then, my second favorite part of fire training in when we get to use the fire extinguisher simulator! Yes, I’m like a kid. LOL!

Working at a children’s hospital means that the holidays are OUT OF CONTROL. And it’s awesome. All the kids staying at the hospital get to go trick-or-treating…and the staff make SURE it’s the greatest time for them! Here are some pics from this morning!

Tonight is the final home game of the season for my Redblacks. They are apparently giving out prizes for best costume. I was going to go dressed in full football gear…but then I started to worry that they’d ask me to play. Ha!

Happy Friday!

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