My new torture ball and rolling out shoulders & chest!

Thanks for all the kind words and virtual hugs yesterday – was and is much appreciated. I feel better today – I think both talking about it and also avoiding the news (I think this kind of avoidance is ok, right??) altogether has really helped. 

When I got home from work yesterday there was a package waiting for me – my latest addition to my torture collection.

In my foam rolling class a couple of weeks ago we did some glute work (see post here) using a slightly larger ball that the standard small ones that I have and while you can still use the small ones, I preferred the larger one so I ordered it from here (it’s the Alpha ball).

Last week in class we did lats (which I reviewed here – it’s a good one!) as well as shoulders and chest which I’ll quickly share with you today with video. Warning: given that I’m using my phone to video myself and I have no “assistants” to help me (Abby is totally uncooperative in this domain…wait, in most domains!), I need to say outright that this is not a great angle, but I think you’ll be able to see what I’m trying to do.

You start off just rolling out your deltoids by placing the ball between your lateral deltoid and the wall and bending and straightening your legs so that the ball rolls up and down your arm. As you can see, you can move the ball around so you hit the lateral, medial and posterior deltoids.

Then you want to go cross-fibers. Place the ball to start, at the bottom of your deltoid. On some people, you can actually see the bottom of the V-shape it forms (red arrow)

And then you want to rotate your body around this point. You can then slowly move the ball up your arm and continue rolling around each point.

Then, for the chest, place the ball below your collar bone (you can experiment with how far below you go) and rotate your body so the ball travels across your chest. This was surprisingly “painful”. LOL

And then finally, your upper back/posterior shoulder muscles. Ugh. This one makes me want to almost throw-up each time I do it. It’s good…but in that yucky way. Same idea as with the chest, put the ball is just above your shoulder blade in a “meaty” area. Rotate your body so that the ball rolls across the top of your back.

And, of course, you do each of these on the opposite side as well.

This morning’s workout was 3 sets of 4 x 400m on 1 minute recovery and 3 minutes between sets. I did it on the treadmill again. Last week I did the 400s at a pace of 6.0 min/mile. Today I decided to increase it a wee bit and made it a 5:56 min/mile. I’ll be honest, it was gross. After the first set I figured I’d be toast after the second set but, stubbornness prevailed, and I did all 3 sets. And I’m pretty darn proud of myself. And starving. LOL.

Happy Thursday!

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