Found much more meaning than usual in the football game and long run this weekend.

So normally, a Monday post after a Friday night Football game means “Comedy Report”, but I’ll be honest, while my team played no better than usual, the night had a different tone to it. Partly because I was there with Allan, rather than my dad, but mostly because of the tone throughout the stadium – and how the entire night was started.

When we got to our seats, this was what the field looked like.

Then, marching out onto the field we had soldiers representing the two soldiers we lost last week in acts of terror on home soil, our Chief of the Defence staff of the Canadian Armed Forces and then, the next thing we know, our Prime Minister is walking out onto the field (he’s in the middle group of three, on the right). There was some cheesy stuff like the announcer saying, “We stand here, united, in the face of terror…”, but overall, this was a pretty incredible showing.

And then we were asked to stand and, without music accompaniment, we all sang Oh Canada (in English and French) as a giant flag was unfurled. 

Yeah, I couldn’t help but shed some tears.

Within the first quarter we scored a touchdown aaaaaaand, yeah, that’s about where our success ended. LOL! At half time, Allan and I walked over to the other side of stadium, got some food and a beer and watched the 3rd quarter from the end zone. Including this play where were were 10 yards from a TD…hahahahaha. Yeah, that’s like the distance of 3 football fields for my team!

Then when we went back over to the other side, the two guys who sit next to my dad had gone so we joined him and his friend for the rest of the game. A “classic” play from the game was when we took out our “star” QB (note: he was a star up until when he was traded to Ottawa this year – now he can barely throw) and put in our second string (who used to be third string until our second string got injured) and, in two plays, he throws a successful touchdown pass. So what does our coach do? Takes him out and puts back in the “star QB”. Ba-hahaha.

In the end we managed to lose only 23-17 but like I said, the night wasn’t really about football.

Saturday morning I woke up to a very grey, damp and cold day. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t feel like running. Just wanted to curl up on the couch, but I got out there. I did my normal route that takes me past the locks downtown – but, since the canal is drained for the winter, so are the locks. You can now see the “steps” the lock system allows the boats to climb and descend.

Then I did my usual swing past Parliament. It was different today. There was a general silence, tourists giving wide eyed looks around as they (and myself) contemplated the events of just three days prior.

Then I took a slight turn to go past the War Memorial where Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed, from behind, while he stood guard – like these two men are doing.

There were flowers, notes of condolence and letters of thanks to the soldiers. I wanted to try and take some more photos of the cards, but I’ll be honest, my eyes were so filled with tears, that I couldn’t even see. There was barely a dry eye there. And it was so quiet. Downtown Ottawa, on a Saturday, and relative quiet.

Considering I didn’t even want to start this run, I am so glad that I did.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing chores in and around the house…and, well, I’m a bit sick of raking leaves at this point!

I did NOT sleep well last night. All night it felt like there was a rock in my stomach. Woke up feeling the same way. Walked Abby hoping that might make it better, but by the time I got home I was slurping back some Pepto Bismal. Just feels like something is NOT agreeing with my stomach. Despite my trying to will the nausea away, I just couldn’t…and so my run this morning did not happen and let’s be honest, I’m not going to be enjoyable to be around today because of that. Ha!

Happy Monday!!

2 thoughts on “Found much more meaning than usual in the football game and long run this weekend.

  1. Cbielinski

    Thank you for the post and pictures. Hopefully you aren't coming down with anything.

    I live about a mile away from Columbine HS and sometimes stop at the memorial beyond the school when I am out for run. Even though it has been over a decade since that tragedy it still gets to me every time I stop there.



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