I might have GIVEN Abby to you last night + a request from me to you.

Ok, so that last couple of days I’ve started my post with pics of Abby that have left you likely thinking, “Oh, isn’t she just the best dog!”

Well, let’s just show both sides of the coin…this is what I came home to yesterday…

and I can assure you that I did NOT do this in my office at home yesterday, so that just leaves one other living creature in the house that could be responsible…

So we weren’t talking for a while…no, wait, let me correct that, I wasn’t talking to her. This was her this morning – not a care in the world.

Ok, so a final stretch/exercise we did at last week’s class was for the muscles of the lower outside leg – this is really good for people who have issues with shin splints.  Here’s a simple diagram to help us all see some of the muscles that were focused on.

We started off with manually, with the ball, rolling out out those muscles. Applying just enough pressure to feel the ball getting into the muscles. There are two “compartments” – the more top one contains your tibialis anterior muscle and the lower one contains your peroneal muscles. You want to make sure you’re focusing on both “compartments to get all the muscles.

Here’s a video demonstrating this – do it for about 60s.

And then you want to use the floor, and your other foot for some extra, more direct pressure – the video is really the easiest way to show you. Note that I’m pointing and flexing my lower foot. Do this in multiple spots along your leg – find the spots that are tender/tight.

This morning was overcast (what else is new) and about the same temperature as yesterday (low 40s) but not raining so I ditched the jacket and hat (I did wear mitts – that’s a given from this point on). I think not wearing a jacket was the right decision, but I was chilly at times.

7 miles – those colourful leaves are hanging on TIGHT!!!

I wanted to share something with you that happened yesterday – but really, it happens every single day.

A friend of mine, who is a good person and knows what I do for a living, sent this meme to me by email with the subject line “Haha”

And this is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Nope. Not funny. Stigmatizing to overweight people.

Friend: Oh. That wasn’t the intent. Sorry.

Me: I know it wasn’t. But that meme probably wouldn’t be funny to people if that woman was skinny.

Friend: Probably not. That’s good perspective. Thanks for making me aware of that.

(ahem, stepping onto my soapbox again) Please remember that you CANNOT judge a person’s health, their health behaviours or know their life story by looking at their outer appearance and their body size. And I truly believe that it never occurred to my friend how insulting that meme is, but that’s the problem. We’re immune to it. And by sending on these memes/jokes/pictures you only serve to further the stigmatization people of a larger body size often endure. Please, it needs to stop. Now. (ok, stepping off my soap box now)

I likely won’t be posting tomorrow as I’ll be attending my teammates funeral in the morning and won’t have time.

Happy Wednesday!

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