What Abby does while I run + best self-foot massage.

After seeing how Abby spends her weekends, I thought I’d show you how she spends the time between when I leave to go running to when I leave to go to work in the mornings.

I took this when I left for my run.

I took this when I got back from my run.

Took this when I got out of the shower

Took this as I was getting ready to leave.

Yup, you can almost hear her in the last pic – “Mom, will you LEAVE ME ALONE and go to work!”

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and immediately had thoughts of running on the treadmill (I don’t do cold + rain) but convinced myself to hold off on any decisions until after I had walked Abby. Once outside, I had to admit that after a start to the day of 28F yesterday, today’s 41F was quite pleasant (relatively speaking). So I donned my running gear.

Today was the same as yesterday except wore a t-shirt under the jacket because of the warm temp but still went with the neck warmer and hat because of the wind and rain. I’m a total wuss, remember? Oh, and I wore mitts. It was the perfect wardrobe choice. I was warm and comfy!  Ran 7 miles and despite the rain, it was really nice outside.

It’s those fall colours. once they’re gone, it’ll be so depressing…until the snow comes. Then it’ll be pretty…but so darn cold!!

Ok, so let me review another stretch we did at last week’s class – the focus for this one is the foot. This stretch/exercise is great for preventing and treating plantar fasciitis. I’ve got videos to describe it.

You need a therapy ball (the instructor actually specifically said to NOT use a lacross ball – which many people use – because it’s just too hard and you can risk damage – she said that applied to any body part, not just the foot) and you place in under your foot and apply pressure (enough so that you can still breathe!) and roll your foot.

Do this for about 30s and then move the ball to your medial arch and push/release the ball into the floor. Key points for this were to keep your toes relaxed at all times – they should naturally bend into a grip position as you push down around the ball. To know you’ve got the right ball position, when you push down, you should be able to see all your knuckles push up and be splayed.

I don’t have a video for this, but the next step is to roll your foot out again a few times and find a tender/tight spot and hold the ball under that spot and apply pressure down into the ball. Hold for 30-60s. Breathe. You’re aiming for the tight spot to release.

Then move the ball to under your heel – aim for the ball to be half under your heel pad and half just in front of the heel pad. Same as with the medial arch, push/release the ball into the floor. If you have two balls and enough balance, you can do both heels at the same time. 

Do this for about 30s and then slowly lift off the ball(s) and place your foot/feet on the floor. The foot that you have gone through all these movements with will feel like it just sinks into the floor…it’s AMAZING. So many times when I get home from work (where I will often sometimes choose fashion over comfort) I kick off my torture devices shoes and go straight to these balls to roll my feet out.

Ok, I need to leave you with a video I recorded off my TV last night that made me howl. I was watching the news and when sports came on they reviewed the Redblacks away game they played yesterday against the Hamilton Tiger-cats. The play is an attempted field goal…key word there is ATTEMPTED.

I howled with laughter. In case you can’t see what happend…the ball HIT THE POST!!! And did you see, it was the “Play of the Week”!!!!! I am SO bummed that I didn’t get to see that live!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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