The ultimate sign in Ottawa that winter is upon us…and Abby’s stressful weekend.

I think you all need to know how Abby’s weekend was…here are some visuals to REALLY give you an idea…

And then she pulls this off!

Tough life, right?

So this weekend was a mixture of total relaxation and total stress. I belong to two community related board of director’s. For one of them I’m “just” a board member and I really want off this board because the President is a horrible person and I don’t want to spend anymore of my VOLUNTEERED time around someone who is so demeaning to good people working hard for their community. Long story short, she said she was resigning this year (and so I agreed to stay on the board) and then on Saturday afternoon I’m summoned to an emergency meeting at her house with only a select number of board members…and the outcome is that she is not fully resigning. So I have a decision to make. THEN, if that wasn’t annoying enough, for the other board, I’m President, and on the board with me is a VP and a Treasurer who recently left her post because she moved away. Our AGM is this week so yesterday the VP and I were to meet at 3pm at my house to review the year, including the budget. But when I opened the spreadsheets the Treasurer sent me before she left…THEY WERE EMPTY. AN ENTIRE YEAR’S WORTH of transactions were all secretly held in invoices and cheques. So guess what I got to spend yesterday afternoon doing? You can bet that I had a glass of wine with me.

Saturday morning was my long run. The sky was overcast, but the weather wasn’t too bad so I went out in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I happily ran the 2k from my house down to the canal and THUMP. My heart sank.

The canal had been drained. THIS, for those of us living in Ottawa, is THE sign of winter. Although I’m not 100% certain, I think the reason they do this is so that they can create the longest skating rink in the world. Yeah, that’s great and all…but it still means WINTER!! The other bad thing about it is that it STINKS. It’s a swampy disgusting mess at the bottom and so with less water, the swamp smell permeates everywhere! The one thing that gave me a laugh about all this is that the geese spend most of their time, eating, in this position!

I think this will be the last weekend that I’ll be able to show a picture like this from my run…

Throughout my run, the leaves were falling all around me like rain – there won’t be many left hanging on the trees by next weekend.

At around mile 8, the wind picked up and the rain came down. By the time I got home I could barely make my key work to get in the door and you should have seen my trying to get my calf sleeves off – they’re bad enough when I have good dexterity!! But I got 13 miles in so it’s all good.

Then when I woke up this morning, I should have known the situation was dire when I saw this on my window…

However, this still came as a nasty shock!!

Desperate times call for…well, normal measures for Jane.

Shake these little suckers, stick ’em in my mitts and voila – constant heat! (note: I buy these by the box full from Costco!!)

And, while I’m DYING of the cold, Miss Fur Coat is pulling her usual. *sigh*

Then I get back home and work really hard at convincing myself not to put on my parka and snow pants to run in. In the end I pull on tights, non-winter socks (meaning space between bottom of tights and top of sock is open to the elements), long sleeve, jacket, neck warmer, mitts, thin headband and thin hat.

And although I NEVER like to admit cold weather that I was complaining about turned out to not be that bad, I WILL admit that today, I didn’t need the neck warmer or the hat…but everything else was appreciated!!

Today is Monday…which means HILLS. If you remember, I’m doing them differently now. Instead of hill sprints, I’m trying to better mimic a race situation and have mapped out a 2k loop that includes the nasty hill I used to use for sprints. This morning I did it 5 times – continuously. I kept the pace comfortable and the hill part wasn’t THAT bad (but let’s be honest, I would prefer it wasn’t there at all!), the worst part was the monotony of that 2k loop. Plus it was garbage day and I kept finding myself alongside a garbage truck. You can’t really hold your breath while you’re running.

The train tracks still freak me out. It was like a rush taking this pic! Hahaha! Spiders and train tracks…my kryptonite.

Happy Monday!!

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