Why I whimpered in class last night + Abby and her usual shenanigans!

Thanks for all your kinds words yesterday – made the ache a little less.

Last night was “torture class” again and we worked on a number of muscles that I will describe over the next few posts – today I’ll review the “inner thigh” work that we did. I wanted to start with it because a) you’re going to die laughing when you see the pics and b) I actually whimpered out loud in class while doing it. I couldn’t help myself.

Thought I’d throw another diagram up to better show where we were working – um, just a side note, when you google “inner thigh muscles” you get some weird stuff. This is the best I could do for a what I wanted to show.

When we were rolling, we focused on certain areas at a time and I’ve tried to illustrate them with the different coloured “sections” of blue, green and red.

Ok, so here’s the part where I DARE you not to laugh when you look at this pic. And keep in mind, I was in a class with 15 other people doing this at the same time. The friend that I take the class with wouldn’t let me take a pic of her in class doing it!

I’m not really sure how to describe it so hopefully the pics help. You want to get the roller up high on your inner thigh and roll out that “blue” section – so it’s just a small movement. You can play with the angle of the roller as well as how how high up you place your knee.

Once you’ve rolled this section out for 20 seconds or so, move into the green section and do the same thing. And then move into the red section…warning: the red section is where I whimpered. 

Here’s a video – again, guaranteed smirking for you, I think! You’ll see me go through all three sections (faster than you should) and on the last one, you’ll notice that I lower myself down to the ground to ease off some of the pressure – you can do that for any of the sections.

Then we moved onto what the instructor described as almost a way to give yourself ART.

Starting in the red section, hold your leg in place on top of the roller and extend your leg and then pull back in. Repeat for 20s or so. Then move into green section and then blue section doing the same thing. Again, lifting your hips up off the floor can increase the pressure if you need it. 

NOTE: to ensure that you stay out of your quads, make sure your toes don’t start pointing down to the floor.

The last few days, Abby has gone back to bed after her breakfast and I’ve had to drag her downstairs to go for her walk. This morning, not only did I have to drag her, but she was already throwing down on the front porch!! And it didn’t get better throughout the walk.

And then, suddenly she starts RUNNING!!! (although, as soon as she saw my camera come out, she stopped so I only got a bit of it!)

She’s ridiculous. And I love her for it.

Was going to run this morning, but I just felt off this morning. Can’t really describe other than “off”. Tired, slightly nauseated, and generally not feeling great. So I skipped the run with hopes that I’ll be energized for tomorrow’s long run!

Happy Friday!!

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