How I do my speed workouts on a treadmill

As I mentioned yesterday, I worked late last night running another group with the teens. I usually try to have some sort of activity set up so they can burn off some of their fidgety energy and last night I just set up some silly stations – ping pong, basketball shots, a rebound drill and a bean bag toss. I was going to divide them into teams of two and they would compete against each other. But about 1 minute after they entered the room there was a loud CRACK. I turned around and found:

WHAT?? HOW?? WHY?? Why must kids touch and destroy everything in their path?? LOL! It’s still unclear how this happened – the teen said she was just walking and somehow stepped on this ELEVATED bean bag toss. But I think it’s more a case of “Oh, let’s just step on this” for no good reason. *sigh*

Woke up this morning to pouring rain. Walked Abby. Still pouring. Today was a track workout and given that I use a gravel/muddy track, there was no way I was doing it in the rain.


…down to the treadmill it was.  Did a 5k warmup and then tackled the speed workout for this week:

5 X 200M, 1 minute recovery, 
2 X 1000M, 2 minutes recovery before and after each 1000m
5 X 200M, 1 minute recovery,
all at 5k pace

When I do these workouts on the treadmill I use this chart to help me figure out what speed to set the treadmill to to mimic how fast I run it on the track – and then, over the winter when I solely use the treadmill for speed, I try to slowly increase that speed – just as would happen on a track over time.

So for instance, this is how I figured out my pace on the treadmill for 200m repeats:

I can run 400s at around 1:35 (step 1 on chart below, under 400m column) so then I moved left into the 200m column for that time (step 2) and subtracted a couple of seconds (because I would be slightly faster on my 200s vs. 400s) and chose 45 seconds (step 3) as my interval time for the 200s.

Then, to figured out my pace per mile to set my treadmill to (since it seems to be American and isn’t metric), I stayed in the row for 0:45 per 200m (step 1 on chart below) and looked at what time that would be for 1 mile (1600m) (step 2)

And that showed a 6:00 minute mile. So that’s what I set my treadmill to: 6.0 min/mile (which translates to a speed of 10.0 miles per hour).

And then I did the same thing for 1000m using what my time would be for 800m and adjusting accordingly.

It’s not perfect because running on a track vs. running on a treadmill is very different, but it gives me somewhere to start and sometimes I have to adjust midway through an interval – up or down.

If you’ve never done track workouts before, then take your 5k or 10k time and go from there using the chart. The first few workouts you may find adjusting your speed on the treadmill a lot, but eventually you’ll find the speed at which you can complete the workout, but you pushed really hard to do so.

Tomorrow is going to be a nutso day at work as I’m covering for a co-worker so I likely won’t post. Friday I leave with my family for Thanksgiving weekend and if I don’t have a chance to post before we leave, I will be back on Tuesday! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!!

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