A surprise in my mailbox that’s NOT for Abby!!

Woke up this morning to the sound of wind and rain and just wanted to stay warm under my duvet with my furry personal heater (aka Abby) tucked in close to me. Yesterday was cold and I just figured it had to be worse today – but surprise, surprise, when I opened up the door to grab the newspaper, I was blasted with a gust of warm air. But ok, let’s remember where my bar is now set: warm today was 57F. Walked Abby – shortened the walk slightly because it was raining and, well, you know how fast she walks.

Got my running clothes on (a few layers less than yesterday) and headed out. Still feeling the effects of being off last week sick so just ran at what my normal heart rate would be for these runs and didn’t concern myself as to what pace that was – I knew it was slower, but that’s to be expected.

Gloomy out today, but the fall colours still manage to brighten it all up!

I got home, showered and, because I have a shifted work day, I headed off to a…MASSAGE APPOINTMENT!! WOOHOO!!

I don’t know why I don’t have them more often…no, I do. I’m really lazy when it comes to making appointments for things like that. Before I started colouring my hair, I would see my stylist once a year…pure laziness! LOL.  Anyway, yesterday I decided that I really needed someone other than me and my roller to tackle my quads, ITBs and hammies. My regular RMT (we call them that here in Canada – or Ontario, at least…Registered Massage Therapists) was all booked up so I took a chance and went with one of her co-workers…her bio didn’t have words like “gentle” or “spiritual”. There is nothing wrong with that other than WE are not going to have a good connection on the table. I need an RMT who is straightforward and is going to get serious with my legs.

Her name is Diana and she has a great spunky personality and good social skills so that a) she doesn’t make things awkward and b) she knows when to stop talking. The ONLY issue (and the jury is still out as to whether it’s a major issue) is that I didn’t think she managed the time well – by the time she got to my right quad and ITB she had to rush through because time was up. Um, that was the MAIN reason I went there. Buuuuut, she did some good work on my glutes, found some nasties in my calves and worked on my left side which I tend to neglect a little because my right leg bothers me so much. So, I’ll judge how much of an issue that was over the next few days. And it cost $95. How can people who don’t have medical coverage afford that???

So then I went back home, did some chores and headed into work. As I walk to my office, I see a package sitting in my mail slot which is weird – I don’t normally get packages at work. There is no return address and this is the stamp:

So then I just assume they mixed things up and it’s really for the dietitian I work with (Canadian education for the day: we spell dietitian differently here!) and I almost just gave it to her, but then decided to open it myself – even if it wasn’t for me, it’s still exciting to open unknown packages!

As soon as I opened the flap, I could smell chocolate. I look inside and I can see that it is a big package of chocolate and there is a card.

I still have NO idea who it is from – which is so fun!! I open the card and just about fall over. It’s a Thank You card from a friend of mine. They wanted to thank me for helping with their training as they are trying to get back to their former speedy self. I love chatting with them about training so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything other than what friends do, but it’s always so nice to be appreciated just the same, right??? And obviously they know me..MILK CHOCOLATE?? It’ll be gone by the end of the day. And I won’t have even shared with my co-workers. LOL. 

Happy Tuesday!!

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