INSANE football game, the end of a season and a new hill workout for me!

Wow! What a great weekend – cold and rainy for the most part – but filled with fun!!

Friday night was the football game. I’m still IN COMPLETE SHOCK. It started out like usual…

The blow-up giant helmet that the starting line normally runs out of, suddenly collapsed trapping the players and preventing them from running out onto the field. Seriously.

Then the game started with Winnipeg in possession of the ball. They threw the ball and somehow OUR guy caught it and ran 55 yds for for a touchdown. WHAT?? Where’s the comedy?

No worries, 5 minutes later we attempted a field goal, missed, Winnipeg caught the ball in their end zone and proceeded to the run down THE ENTIRE FOOTBALL FIELD to score a touchdown. I seriously nearly peed my pants laughing. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??

But then things just got weird. We started getting touchdown after touchdown. We sacked their QB six times…WE sacked their QB SIX TIMES.

And whenever Ottawa scores a touchdown, fire works are set off

So you can imagine how many times I had seen that happen before Friday. But it happened so much that the field was filled with smoke! (ok, really, it was just windy so blew the smoke onto the field – but still, the fireworks seemed to constantly we going off!!)

Suddenly the crappy American beer (sorry) they sell predominantly at the games, tasted AMAZING

And the next thing we knew, we were on our feet, losing our voices from cheering so loud because, and you might want to sit down for this, my team, the Ottawa Redblacks, won 42-20. No, that’s not a typo. They had only scored a TOTAL of 27 points in their previous 4 home games and yet on Friday, they won 42-20!!  It was almost like confusion down on the field when the clock ran out…both teams were stunned – for the same reason. LOL!

Can you imagine how embarrassed Winnipeg was and still is??!!  It was the perfect game – still some awesome comedy but filled with drama and a win!!! 2 more home games for the season…’cause um, it’s not like we’re making playoffs.

One very funny thing that happened was that a fan got out onto the field and apparently we don’t employ security for this type of occurrence because the guy was out there for so long, our players started doing chest bumps with him!! LOL!  My camera decided at that moment to not work (it had started to rain so that might have been part of the problem), but here is a pic of the guy on the field with the players. Hilarious.

Saturday morning I got up feeling MUCH better, cold almost completely gone so I headed out to meet up with my teammates for a run – my plan was to at least start with them but, given that I had been sick all week and hadn’t run since the Saturday before, I figured I would not keep their pace and likely cut my run earlier than they planned to run for. But it was raining, so I needed the accountability from meeting them to get myself out the door!

Ok, so yeah, that was my plan, but it didn’t really work out that way. 13 miles later with 4 of them being done at a stupid pace of 7:15 (some of the girls did 6 miles and around 7:00!!), I finally got myself home.

This week, our Norwegian teammate (here for the semester) had her boyfriend visiting for the week so he came and joined us. He runs a 2:30 marathon so, I’m not kidding, he ran circles around us (literally) to get more mileage and because our pace was just so slow for him! Haha! But he was a really nice guy and said he was just happy to be out with us. Good answer, boy.

Once I got home, I had just less than an hour to shower and get dressed before my dad picked me up to head up to the cottage to close it down for the winter. *sigh* Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that we opened it for the season?

The weekend before, he and my mom had been up there doing a lot of the work, but he needed my muscle to help with a few things and he needed to do a final blow out of the water pipes. My dad is 73 and not as strong as he used to be and he really hurt his back last spring, so my mom and I are on his case constantly about “asking for help” and not trying to do everything himself. His problem is that he has done all this stuff at the cottage by himself for 36 years and he’s having trouble admitting he needs help. At least he can admit that, right?

This is what puts 60lbs of pressure into the water pipe system to then allow us to get ALL the water out so it doesn’t freeze over the winter and crack the pipes. Takes about 2 hours to do this.

I spend so many hours in this canoe…we brought it into the cottage to protect it.

This is where we store the boat when we’re not using it regularly during the summer

My dad built this. It looks ridiculous (or at least I think it does) but let me tell you, it sure works to easily pull the boat out of the water!

Brought the boat back to the dock.

No way is my dad going to “put it to bed” dirty for the winter…

So I got to scrub it out. Awesome.

After scrubbing and rinsing it out, we then flipped it over and anchored it to the dock for the winter. 

We also took the motor off and carry it up to the car, but I don’t have a pic of that because, thankfully, my dad let me do it this year!!

Then we set out the snow scoops and shovels for easy access when we come up next to shovel the roof off of snow. *crying at the thought*!!!

It was a beautiful drive to and from the cottage (except for the rain)

But my dad and I have SERIOUSLY different tastes of music.  We finally settled on this – and not because I was ok with it, but because “Tommy’s Roadhouse of 50’s classics” was honestly making me car sick.

Sunday morning I met 2 of my closest girlfriends for brunch. We all moved to Ottawa at around the same time 8 years ago and joined the racing team – which is how we met. We are some of the slowest on the team and, especially at the beginning, would always find ourselves bringing up the rear in runs/intervals. So we started calling ourselves “Team Try” – we might not be the fastest, got gosh darn it, we TRY!! LOL!! It’s interesting, the 3 of us all have very different lives and different friends outside of running, but we usually turn to each other first when we need help or want to share something exciting! It’s awesome how running can bring people together like that.

I was excited to see them, but let me tell you, I was also REALLY excited to have bacon with my meal!! I ordered the Breakfast Burrito…which didn’t come with bacon so obviously I ordered a side of bacon. Sooooo good.

After I fed Abby this morning, she went back to bed. Diva, or what??

It was really cold and dark this morning.

No, this is not a pic of the sunrise, but of Abby throwing down…but it’s so dark you can’t even see her!!

So today is Monday. And, because it’s already a bad day, I make it my hill day. Which you know I hate. Up until now, I’ve been doing straight hill repeats – run up a hill and then walk down for recovery and repeat – and I vary the distance of the hill (short repeats vs. long repeats).  But I decided to change my hill workout to better mimic a race. I’m still using the same nasty hill, but I make it part of a ~2k loop that I run continuously. My first goal will be to do the loop 6 times and then after that I’m going to consider expanding the loop to include a second (and nastier) hill. Today however, the second I started running I was reminded of the potentially (ok, it really was) stupid workout I did on Saturday and that I have not yet recovered fully from it. So I did 3 loops which was just under 7k and included the hill 3 times.  Part of the loop includes crossing over train tracks which I realized RARELY happens in my everyday life – walking or driving.

And it kind of freaked me out. But there’s somewhat of a good reason for that. Over the past year, there has been considerable media around malfunctions at these crossings after a double decker city bus crossed the tracks as a train was coming – killing multiple passengers including the driver. There is much more to the story than simply signals not working, but I still checked about 4 times before I crossed!! Which is ridiculous because really, I’d hear the train and feel it through the ground if there was one that close!! Anyway, I am excited for this new type of hill workout – but, let’s be very clear, I still hate them.

Happy Monday!!

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