Never been so…TGIF!!!

Sorry…no post again yesterday because I was pretty sure you still weren’t interested in hearing me simply talk about how crappy I felt.  Not to worry though, Abby has still been behaving the same!

Doesn’t want to walk and pretends I don’t exist when I’m coaxing her to keep moving!

But I will say that she has been stuck to me like glue this week and lets me sleep in until whenever I want in the mornings – I think she knows I’m not feeling well.

I was sitting on the floor doing some stretching and she just kept tucking her head in against my neck.

Then, on the couch, if she wasn’t curled up on me, she was right next to me (on my fleece of course – she feels that all clothing of mine needs to be laid upon by her!)

This was yesterday morning when, after walking her, I went back to bed for a bit because I just felt so awful.

I mentioned before that last year I took a class that taught me how to stretch and release muscles from top to bottom using a foam roller and therapy balls. I REALLY enjoyed the class (even though I had a broken hand for half of it – try foam rolling with only one working hand!) and so I signed up again this fall. Last night was the first class. Really, all I wanted to do was go to bed, but I also didn’t want to miss the first class. And I’m glad I didn’t. Some of the classes are quite, um, painful, but last night’s was focused on the neck and upper back so while at times there was some discomfort, it was overall VERY relaxing.  When I got home I made note, using pictures, of what we did so that I can continue doing these stretches in the future.

Last night we primarily used the therapy balls – and kept them in their casing and had them straddling our spine. These are the ones I use and I LOVE them.

We started off placing the balls at the base of the skull:

And, using blocks (which I don’t have at home, so I used my recipe box – LOL!!), we got ourselves into this position. The key point here is that your neck should be completely relaxed. 

Once you’ve held this for a few minutes, you can slowly start to rotate, just slightly, your head to the left and then the right. If you feel a spot/side that’s tighter than the other, hold your position there until you feel it release. Keep breathing!!

Then we moved the ball down to just above your shoulder blades.

And placed ourselves in this position – it feels sort of like your traps were being pushed up.

To increase the intensity/pressure, lift your hips up (oooooh, it felt sooo good!)

And if you wanted even more, place your hands behind your head (oooooh) and, if you can, lift your hips as well. Sooooooo good!!

Then we moved the balls down between to upper-mid shoulder blades

And lay down for start applying pressure

To increase the intensity, slowly lift your arms above your head and then down. And repeat. Holding at any spot that feels tight/knotty. I might have squeaked at times.

And then finally, we moved the balls down to between lower portion of the shoulder blades and did the same thing – arms up and down to apply more pressure – I think you can tell by looking at the pic how good that must feel (in that sort of painful way!), right??

And then with this one, you can place your hands out to the sides and bring them in to give yourself a bear hug – and slowly lean to one side or the other to work out any differences between left and right.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, we spent 40 minutes doing just these movements.

Many of us spend hours in front of a computer screen and our neck and upper back muscles get very tight…and with stress it only gets worse. These are great ways to release some of that pressure – when I left class last night, I kind of felt like I was a bobble head! Ha! My head just felt so light!!

Football game tonight (the weather is supposed to be fabulous) and then I’m REALLY hoping I can join the girls for a run tomorrow morning…I haven’t run since last Saturday and I’m about to lose my mind! LOL!


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