Day 3947…

Ok, so I’m exaggerating by 947…but when you have head cold it always feels endless, no? You can’t even remember what it feels like to breathe easily and to have a clear head. And I’ll be honest, my cold is pretty mild on the scale of head colds, but I I didn’t post yesterday because, quite frankly, I had nothing to say except I had a head cold…and who wants to only hear that? 

Haven’t run yet this week…that’s kinda driving me nuts, but whatever…this cold will pass and I’ll be able to get back out running faster than if I had tried to run through this.

Last night my brother sent me a hilarious picture. He had put my nephew, Jackson, to bed and then went and did a little work and checked back on him about 45 minutes later and found this:

I LOVE THIS KID!! I haven’t seen him since our family reunion in July and will get to see him at Thanksgiving – which for us Canadians, is NEXT weekend!! WOOHOO! I’m planning on holding him hostage all weekend!!

This Friday is another Redblacks game – I know you are all anxiously awaiting my review of the evening’s blunders plays – but I have an early chuckle for you. This was front page of Ottawa’s newspaper this morning – a pic of them getting ready for their team pic…might explain the lack of concentration on THE GAME! LOL!

And then, turning the page in the paper I came across this Canadian gem of an article:

BUT despite the RCMP consulting public groups and making an informed decision themselves about their own uniform…the government is ordering them to reverse this decision immediately because it is not fair to hunters and trappers. Hmmm…yeah, I’m thinking I’m on the muskrats’ side for this one!

I worked one of my weird shifts at work yesterday: 12:30-8:30pm. When I work evenings it’s because I’m running a group for teens or parents. Last night I was with the teens (14 – 17yrs old) and part of my curriculum was to review the health benefits of physical activity – with the point of having them see that there are much stronger and more reliable benefits derived from physical activity than weight loss (which the diet industry seems to make us think is THE ONLY reason to be active and that physical activity is a great way to lose weight…WRONG!!)

*ok, stepping off my soap box that I suddenly found myself on*

Anyway, they were to write the benefits on sheets of paper stuck to the wall and my attitude is that there are no wrong answers and so the lists they come up with are fantastic because no one is shy of saying something that might be wrong/silly. These were my two favorite from last night (because they made me laugh):

Can’t really argue with them. If you’re physically active, you will become more fit…and prepared to fight in a zombie invasion. Yup, that’s a benefit.

Same here. Another truth. If you’re active, you might not be using your phone as much – thereby saving its battery.

Seriously. I have the best job ever.

Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to run tomorrow morning…or at least feel better! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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