Weekend of sunshine, comedy, running and relaxing!

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend we had with non-stop sunshine and highs in the 80s!!!

Friday night I went to the football game – Ottawa vs. Montreal. We have been SLOWLY improving over the season, so I always have some fear now that they will improve enough that they will just but not suck so bad that it’s comical. I shouldn’t have had that fear on Friday as it turns out. Here are my favorite highlights:

See below? The ball is on the 2 yard line. Do you think they could move it forward? Nope. 

But luckily Montreal drew a penalty and the ball was moved up to the 1 yard line.

That’s just automatic, right? Any team (professional or recreational) should be able to get a TD off that, right? Well, 5 tries later and the ball was back in the possession of Montreal and we were without a TD. Yup, we booed them, our own team.  The little pee-wee league that came on to play during half-time could have pulled  off TD, I’m sure!!

Then, a little later on in the game, Ottawa had driven the ball to the 11-yard line – so again, our hopes are raised as they’re within “easy” striking distance (well, what should be for any other team) but, just to ensure their status with me as THE BEST COMEDY SHOW IN TOWN, Montreal forced a fumble, they scooped up the ball and, if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Montreal then proceeded to carry the ball 85 yards down the field to score a touchdown. I’m not sure I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

At one point, our QB went down

You could tell by the way he was moving that he was ok, so we were all secretly, ok no we were all openly talking about this, hoping that this would force the coach to put in the backup QB (who is really our 3rd string since our 2nd string QB is out for the season with an injury!). Sadly, this did not happen and our starting QB continued on in the game.

Good parts of the game were us somehow (seriously, HOW???) getting not only a touchdown, but our first offensive touchdown at home since Aug 2!  And then, with it being such a beautiful evening weather-wise, this was that much more enjoyable!

Saturday morning I met some girls from the team for a long run. I was planning to do around 90 minutes (some of them were planning up to 3 hours) and they had planned for an easy pace so I thought, no problem, I’ll just veer off when I need to to get home as I had a hair appt to get to. And it started off as a beautiful relaxing run…but then somewhere along the way, 2 of the girls changed the plans and suddenly we were slipping in 5k at 7:15 min/mi. Yeah, that’s gross. But we were all suffering so that makes it better, right? I must admit, we must have looked like a force to be reckoned – a group of strong women speeding down the canal. 

In the end I did just over 11 miles. I got home, showered and rushed off to my hair appointment where I was so relieved to get all the blonde, that had appeared in my hair over the summer, covered up and I’m back to being a brunette!!

And then I headed to my friend Jennifer’s house for a girly make-up party. She has started selling a brand of make-up and so she was showing it off on the weekend – she also did people’s nails which I took advantage of! 🙂 Of course, they’re already chipped! 

Yesterday I spent the afternoon enjoying beers on a patio with a friend…it was blissful.

By the evening I was starting to feel a little scratchiness in my throat and I hoped that by getting into bed early I could sleep it off…but I woke up this morning with a throat that feels like I swallowed shards of glass. :(((  

By the time I got back from walking Abby – in the PITCH DARK (this was taken at the END of our walk!!)

I knew that I didn’t have it in me to run. In addition to being a BIG believer in rest days, I’m also a big believer in not stressing my body further when I’m sick. So while it sucks not to have been able to run this morning, my sore throat sucks the most! LOL!

I’m hoping that by resting today, making sure to take in enough fluids and nutrition and going to bed early tonight I’ll be able to get on top of it and healthy asap! 🙂

Happy Monday!

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