You NEED to trust me on this! (Abby has different thoughts about it though)

Last night, after giving one of my regular sports nutrition talks at a local Running Room (basically Canada’s national running store – whether you like it or not), I popped over to a sports/fitness/supplement/musclehead store next door and bought myself a new foam roller. I’ve been finding mine is just not able to quite give the intensity that I need (plus, as you saw previously, I’m starting to dent it!). So my friend Jen bought a new one and was RAVING about it…at first I just thought that she needed an intervention with the amount of time she was on this thing for…but let me tell you, after just a few rolls last night I was fully indoctrinated  This thing is AH-MAAAAAAAZING. And I can’t stop rolling!!

I’m pretty sure Abby wants to attack it with her teeth!

At this point, I don’t know why I’d ever have to get a massage again! Now, let me be clear on something. It’s no walk in the park. It’s like a sports massage…you want it to end but at the same time LOVE the pain!! I was thinking my legs were in good shape when using the old roller…but OH MY, on this new one? My quads are FULL of knots!! And my hammies were screaming but that was the great part – on the other roller, I can’t really get into them at all.

Look at those teeth biting in! LOL!

If you currently use the smooth foam roller, I HIGHLY recommend buying one of these ones…but if you’ve never foam rolled, I would suggest starting out with the smooth one…this one might scar you! LOL!

Our walk this morning started off with Abby throwing down right in front of the house. REALLY??? (It was pitch black outside so I had to use a flash with the camera!)

As it started to get lighter, we got to see lots of wildlife this morning. Some critters that are cute and you want as a pet…


And others that, quite frankly, you are terrified of.

I wasn’t really sure if I was going to run today – want to just ease back into things, but the weather is SO GORGEOUS right now that I just couldn’t pass up a run knowing that the winter will be upon us before we know it! And I am so glad I did it. Much like yesterday…

Tonight I’ll be here..

…watching what will most likely be another comedy show. Our Redblacks ALMOST won their game last weekend against the Saskatchewan Rough Riders who were booed off their home turf at halftime because they were losing to OTTAWA (the ultimate embarrassment). But they tied it up 32-32 and then went ahead 35-32 and when Ottawa had a chance to tie it up with a field goal…yup, the Riders blocked it. That just cracks me up. So I’m looking forward to the blooper real after tonight’s game against the Montreal Alouettes who aren’t that much better than Ottawa, but they are 4-8 for the season whereas we are 1-8 (and no one knows HOW they won their season opener!!).

The weather for the weekend is supposed to be perfect – sunny and highs of 79-81F (25-27C) and I CANNOT wait!! Tomorrow I’ll do a run in the morning (likely with my team) then I’m getting my grey hair coloured hair done, then going to some girly make-up party in the afternoon/evening. Sunday will be groceries and then meeting a friend for a beer…OUTSIDE ON A PATIO!!!

Happy Friday!!!

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