A couple of tips from a weather wuss for the starting line!

Ok, so because I’m still on mandatory rest from the race (tomorrow I will likely put on my running shoes – which hopefully will be dry by then – and go for an easy run), I’m just going to throw some random race related stuff out there that I couldn’t really fit into my two previous posts! LOL!

Most of you I’m sure know that I’m a weather WUSS. And most half or full marathons take place in seasons where the start line can be a cold, cold place (especially for me!). 

This was my base race gear for Sunday’s race which was set to be humid and rainy…but I still had fears of being cold at the start line in shorts and a tank.

So, I needed to have clothes that I didn’t care about that would keep me warm at the start line but that I could discard once I started running. 

Because of the forecast of rain – I bought a poncho at the dollar store ($2) to have on hand at the start line. 

I usually will buy (if I don’t have one on hand) a cheap long sleeve cotton shirt (you used to always have old race shirts until they all became tech-t’s!) – Sunday’s cost me $8.

In addition to that, I bought some long socks ($3 at Target) and cut off the toes to make arm sleeves.

And I bought socks from the dollar store (they were actually $1 – LOL!) to keep my hands warm. Those one-size fits all gloves that you can also buy for cheap don’t keep my fingers warm.

Turned out that I didn’t need these last two items or the poncho and left them in the car…ready to be used at future race!! But I was glad of my long-sleeve and wore it until a minute before the gun (canon) went off! 🙂

Often, at the end of races, they will provide you with reflective blankets to keep you warm – at the Army Run they have (cheap) jackets for you!

They’re great…although less so when it’s pouring rain – they are NOT waterproof! But, they are something that I can use instead of a long sleeve at a future race and discard just before the race starts! It’s not like I would wear it for ANYTHING else! LOL!

And while it wasn’t waterproof, it did keep us warmer than nothing – below is a pic of me and two twitter friends (Rod and Joanna) who I managed to find after the race. They had traveled 14 hours from New Brunswick to do the Army Half!!

So it’s supposed to heat up starting today – we’ll be into the 70’s for the weekend – WOOHOO!! Hahaha! Oh, how low my bar is set these days. Anyway, because of the drastic change in weather, it was a tad foggy this morning…

And no, it did not change Abby’s behaviour one bit!! Diva through and through.

As promised, here is a pic of the race shirt – LOVE IT!!

AND, if you want to know more about the actual race I encourage you to check out M’s race recap he did on his blog yesterday – it really is a good race and he did it justice in his race report!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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