Houston, we have a problem.

Ok, before you start wondering what I’ve now done to myself, I will assure that there isn’t really a problem, I just couldn’t resist titling today’s post with that…and you’ll see why in a minute.

This weekend is the Army Run which has a 5k and 21k. It is a race like no other. It is put on in support of the military – especially the ill and injured personnel and military families. It has brought me to tears as a runner and as a spectator as I watch and cheer on hundreds of military personnel who have been injured while serving our country and who are out there, on the race course, pushing their physical limits in a way that I can’t even imagine. For the 5k and the 21k, the injured and disabled soldiers have their own start time – and I don’t know how you can’t watch it and not feel incredibly proud to live in a country like this.

The other cool, more commercial, factors of this race are that your race shirt is camo, there is a canon to start the race and you get dog-tags as your medal!!

But, what is making this weekend EXTRA special, is that I’m meeting and hanging out with (and getting to play Tour Guide again!!!) someone who has become an incredibly important friend to me and yet someone I have never met in person. His name is Marsden (I call him “M”) –  many of you might read his blog Running Lonely – and he is the type of friend I am so grateful to have. He encourages me, supports me, laughs with (and at) me and sometimes most importantly, he just listens when I have a problem and doesn’t try to solve it. Right? You know what I mean…those times when you just want to vent and complain but don’t really want anyone to solve it for you. He’s good at just listening when I need it. I don’t think I’m always that good at that. 

So let me tell you something really cute – and I did mention it once before. Shortly after he planned to come to race in Ottawa this weekend, he started a daily countdown on his white board in his office and would send me a photo of it EVERY day. This was the first one:

BWE = Best Weekend Ever (obviously!)

And this morning, when he landed in Ottawa, sent me this:

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! So exciting!!!

Ok, so the reason for the title of this post is that not only is he an AWESOME friend but he had one of the COOLEST jobs around. Like, seriously. How many of you can go around and, truthfully, say this was your job: Space Shuttle Flight Controller in the Mission Control Centre in Houston. Like, “Houston, we have a problem” actually is real there!!! Tell me that’s not cool!!

After work today (and after I walk the Diva) I will head downtown to M’s hotel (the same one Brad stayed at – so you know he’ll be treated well!) and we’ll head to my favorite Thai restaurant which will mark the beginning of…the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!! LOL!! Tomorrow you can guess that I’ll be showing off my city to him, Sunday morning will be the race for both of us (still trying to ignore the weather forecast) and then some slow touring around Sunday afternoon! He will OBVIOUSLY meet Abby (and we will meet Pig – you must read his blog to understand this!!).

I hope he brought his warm clothes like I told him to…It may have looked beautiful out this morning…

…but it was 34F/1C when I was walking Abby. Below, the grass looks like it’s dying but it’s not, it’s just covered in FROST!! Ugh!!

And today marked DAY 2 of no throwdowns. I’m convinced she’s practicing so that when M meets her, she will not throwdown once and make me look like a lying fool!!

Did an easy 3mi run this morning – purely just to shake out the legs. Here are some scenes from my run…

Please, you know me better than that – it’s the first day of it being 34F, obviously I was too chicken to go outside!! LOL!!

One last exciting thing to share with you – my friend Alana was on vacation in Hawaii recently and while at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. she spotted this magnet in their gift shop, thought of me and promptly bought it! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I just LOVE it!! The little guy moves across it! THANK YOU ALANA!!!

Happy Friday!!!

p.s. I felt my head brush the top of the cushion – getting closer!!

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