Probably shouldn’t have done that, but it was fun!


I’m not even going to mention right now what the weather forecast is for Sunday’s race (it’s bad) because I’m really more concerned about tonight’s low:

THAT my American friends is 32F. I am NOT ready for that. Worse, there are some weather apps that are saying it will dip below that tonight. I am ignoring them.

So this morning’s 43F was lovely! This is at the beginning of our walk.

This is at the end…the end of a walk where (you might want to sit down for this) Abby did not throwdown ONCE!!!

Speaking of Abby…last night, while lying in bed reading, she was making herself comfortable and it just got ridiculous. Keep in mind that I only started filming half way through her shenanigans!

Yup, after all that she decided she wanted to be out from under the duvet. There is a reason I call her Diva.


This morning was leg workout day. And I’ll be honest, I did something I really shouldn’t have done…but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m going a little stir crazy this week not being able to do the few runs I had planned for the taper and needed to challenge myself. So I added box jumps to my leg workout. Yes, it’s 3 days before my race and it’s something new…BUT I NEEDED IT!!! LOL!

Started off with my usual standing lunges

Then did the box jumps – SOOOOOO FUN!! To be honest, I haven’t done them in years and I was a bit nervous the first time (I had visions of missing the bench and hurting myself quite badly…and having to explain what I had done…*sigh*). But I did them and they were awesome…and I’ll be honest, after each set of 10, I was out of breath!

Abby was there for the first one and I’m sure was thinking, “What the hell is she doing NOW?!” And then when she saw, I’ll tell you, she made her way to the other side of the room! Clearly no confidence in me! LOL!

Then I finished off with lateral Monster Steps

Followed by more frustrating foam rolling…knot is back in my ITB and WILL NOT release. I’m trying not to worry about…but you know that I’m worrying about it.

Happy Thursday!!


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