She is gone but the knot is not!!

Ok, so first of all. It’s Wednesday today. You know what that means, right? The roommate moves out today!! I work late today and so had the morning off and was HOPING that she would be up early to start moving her stuff out so she can get settled in her new place (and I could have a nice quiet morning ALONE)…yeah, that wasn’t really the case but, whatever. She’s gone now…well, sort of. She still has to come back this afternoon and pick up her bikes. THEN I’ll have my house back to myself. Well, kinda…as she was leaving this morning, she said, “Let’s hang out next week – I’m going to miss you!”.


Slept in this morning…which meant I got 9 hours of sleep. That’s like hitting the jackpot!! I also thought that would mean the air temp would be warmer…HA!

I gotta tell you, Abby and I had some difficult moments on the walk this morning.  She threwdown while “we” were trying to cross at a very busy intersection. And then after that she just kept throwing down into Sleeping Grass Monster.

Yes, those eyes of hers KILL ME. My heart melts.

I wanted to try and run this morning but a) didn’t know how my leg was going to feel and b) I wanted to keep it easy. Soooooo, I ran on the TM. 5 miles, easy pace (seriously – kept it at about 8:00 min/mi) and it felt fine physically – my mental state on that ratmill was another thing! 

Whenever I finish my run on the treadmill this is what happens:

No, she doesn’t want to run on the TM herself…

She wants me to get off she can lie down on the warm belt!! She cracks me up.

Then I did some serious stretching. Serious meaning I held them for a long time and concentrated on what I was doing! LOL!

Key ones were the hip flexor – basic…

…and then lateral hip flexor by reaching over with my arm

Then the pigeon…

LOVE the pigeon.

Then I finished up with some foam rolling…two problems this morning…

1. All I accomplished was to dent the roller again – knot is still strong!

2. Abby thinks me rolling on the floor = me wanting her to kiss my face!!

I LOVE that dog SO MUCH.

4 days to race day – ahhhhhh!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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