A lesson to be taught and another bird!!

After I got home last night and had walked and fed the Diva and then eaten dinner myself, I got down on the floor and rolled the you know what out of my ITB. It was definitely better than it had been in the morning but there is still a knot that I couldn’t get out. I pretty much knew that I wouldn’t be running this morning – that I still needed to work on it some more.

As I was eating breakfast this morning I heard Abby suddenly run up the stairs (which I knew meant she was going to try and nose her way into Meghann’s room!) so I quickly ran up after her and as soon as she heard me, she quickly turned around and lay down as if she hadn’t been trying to get into the room – trying to look all innocent. Ha! Didn’t fool me.

Then we left on our walk…during which we had some Sleeping Grass Monster throw downs

And then Abby threw down for one of her adoring fans. I have no idea what this woman’s name is but we see her almost every morning and she and Abby always have a little moment…

And then Abby throws a tantrum when she leaves.

So our walk was pretty much normal, except despite this being the temperature

I hate to say it, but I was hot! LOL! I had to take off my hat and mitts! LOL!!

Like I had decided last night, no run for me this morning but Tuesday is supposed to be a leg strengthening day and since the whole reason I’m doing these exercises is to help my ITB, I went ahead and did them – as well as my upper body exercises to help with the USDPUs!

Today I switched from a barbell to dumbbells for the squats because I needed a little more weight. I also switched to the higher resistance purple band for the Monster Walks.

I did my push-ups on the floor this week instead of using my TRX…just because.

Then I foam rolled the you know what out of my ITB. But that knot WILL NOT RELEASE. So this came to work with me today.

Yup. The Stick. A lesson is going to be learned…hopefully by my ITB!! LOL!

So there is a hawk (or whatever this large killer bird is) trying to make its home in our neighbourhood. It has been spotted everyday since Saturday and people have witnessed it kill 3 squirrels so far (this morning’s carcass is hanging off someone’s fence apparently!). And it is NOT afraid of people. It stares you down apparently. All owners of small dogs (there are 6 chihuahuas in the ‘hood) have been warned. Abby, thankfully, is a giant wiener dog so she’s safe. I haven’t yet seen it, but neighbours have been sending me pics like the one below. A beautiful creature!

Happy Tuesday!!

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