Monday Hill Day…that did not happen.

Ok, so the roommate is slated to move out on Wednesday…I can do this…right? LOL! I’m going to try really hard not to complain too much in my posts between now and then, but I’m not going to lie, there will still be some!

Friday night I normally like to just take easy because my long runs are Saturday morning, but my run this past weekend was only 7 miles as this coming Sunday is my race. That, combined with the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to relax due to, you know, that extra someone in my house who keeps talking when I’m trying to veg on the couch (LOL!). So when my neighbhour, Caroline, invited me over to her place for wine with a few of the other women on our street, I think I actually literally jumped at the invite!!  I was planning to go over for only a hour for one glass of wine…yeah, 4 hours later and countless glasses drunk, I made my way home. I think I needed to just throwback and have fun with the girls! 

Caroline has 3 dogs (Chihuahuas – all rescue, all ancient – pictured below) and so whenever she has us over, all our dogs are invited as well. It’s hilarious.

Needless to say, I did NOT feel fantastic when I woke up Saturday morning and it took me a LONG time just to get out of bed! And then, as if that wasn’t punishment enough, this was what the weather was doing – check out the “feels like” part – ’cause what, we already have a windchill??

I finally got my act together to go for my run – wearing far too much clothing for September 13th!! 

I chose to wear the wide headband, rather than my usual cap, so that my ears were protected from the cold wind…that turned out to maybe be a mistake. Not even 1 minute into my run, the rain came down. At times driving into my face…that didn’t have a cap brim to block some of the rain. *sigh*

I’m glad the rain started once I had already left for my run…otherwise, with the way I was feeling, I’m pretty sure I would have canned the run. I got 7 miles in and kept it at an easy 7:46 min/mi.

Then when I got home, I realized that I had really not given myself much time to get ready for the wedding I was going to that afternoon! So I had to skip my foam rolling (BAD decision in retrospect) and rushed around madly trying to make myself look all pretty!!

The wedding was for my co-worker Shaun and his fiance Kevin – my first gay wedding. I don’t know Shaun outside of work so I was really touched when he invited me to his wedding. He also invited another co-worker of ours and we each brought another co-worker as our “date” so that there would be 4 of us who knew each other at the wedding!

It was a really beautiful ceremony – Shaun and Kevin cried pretty much through it all. The dinner and reception was fun – it was nice to be with my co-workers, who I really like, outside of work.

The happy couple’s first dance

Me and my co-worker, Anna (who is also one of my best friends)

We’re old and didn’t really know anyone else there so we left by 10pm…of course, that didn’t mean I wasn’t hungover the next morning. Ugh. Why does my body not react like I’m still 25?!

And although the sun was out a bit more, this was the temp yesterday as I slowly trudged around the ‘hood with Abby.

But seriously, it was more beautiful yesterday – Saturday, once it started raining during my run, it rained until the evening. This is through the Enchanted Forest…

Then I went and did groceries – with Walmart being one of my stops. And this is what greeted me when I returned to my car. And remember, I’m not feeling well so I was in NO mood for this guy.

Not scared of me ONE BIT. And look what he did to my car. “Thank you for shopping at Walmart!”

Yesterday, my ITB was bothering me (even when I was just sitting) and I did a little foam rolling…this morning, um, it was NOT good. While walking Abby, it felt like there was a tight elastic band around the outside of my knee (insertion point for ITB) and I could feel it affecting my gait. This week is a taper week so I was going to run today and then Wednesday…but I cut the run and foam rolled for about 45 minutes. Could NOT get the knot out of my ITB. I even dented my roller while trying.

So obviously I’m stressed because I didn’t run this morning, but logically, I’m more stressed about loosening up my ITB before Sunday’s race!! I’m going to just blame all of this on the roommate. LOL!!

The funny part of this morning? This felt almost warm! No windchill. LOL!!

Happy Monday!!

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