What a little family love and eating the foods I love will do to my running!

Then we watched the pumpkin cannon try (unsuccessfully) to knock over a target of hay bales.

Then we went through the “Gruesome Graveyard”…whoever made the gravestones had a lot of fun doing it! (Jackson was too young to think any of these were scary – oh, to be that young and innocent again!!)

On Sunday we went to the Norwood Fair – which we went to last year and loved! Jackson got to see and touch lots of different animals – the baby goats were adorable!!

This poultry guy KILLED me! He kept twitching his head everywhere which only made that flair of feathers on top of his head move around – it was hilarious! And the look on his face was, “What? What’s your problem??!”

We watched a lamb shearing demonstration…being a city girl, I’m still not convinced, despite this guy saying otherwise, that this is not a horrible experience for the animals!

Then we saw border collies demonstrating herding – we saw the demo of herding ducks – it was awesome!!! LOL!!

Then we headed over to the track for the “Lawn Tractor Racing”. To be honest, we only went because we wanted to see what the heck that was – and didn’t plan to stay very long. WELL, let me tell you, it was SO EXCITING!!

It was apparently a very important race – some Cup race for the lawn tractor racing community. At first it was just the junior racers that took to the track it was tame…

But not so tame that the fact that that girl in the pink is 11 years old wasn’t amazing!!

Then it was the suped up version of the tractors. The announcer warned the crowd that even though there were hay bales along the sides, that those of us along the gates, should probably take a step back. I kinda snickered…until I actually found myself jumping back as some of the racers rammed into the hay bales as they rounded the corners!

It looks slower on video, I swear!! Haha!

And then it was announced that Rick Mercer was going to be there at the Cup’s intermission to film for his show, the Rick Mercer Report. Rick Mercer is a well known Canadian comedian, television personality and political satirist. We were super excited to see him…and waited 90 MINUTES for him to FINALLY appear. He made a HUGE (diva-like) entrance, on a tractor and challenged 5 other racers to a race. After he was lapped once the poor sport dropped out of the race and proceeded to just take photo opps – mostly just with himself 

and then basically stopped the race so he could have the other racers would be in the photos too. They looked less than thrilled. And then we overheard one of the race organizers say to Rick, “Hey, we have a microphone just over there so you can address the crowd” (THAT HAD WAITED AT THIS POINT, FOR 2 HOURS). His response? “Naw, that’s ok. I’m done”.

WHAT???? Well, you’d be correct in saying that Rick Mercer is no longer on my list of “Canadians I’m proud of”. What a loser.

Then on Monday morning, after a weekend of family fun and eating SO MUCH FOOD…

I had two plates of this EACH morning for breakfast. I have never tasted bacon so good.
I had turkey dinner two nights in a row – was too hungry to take a pic when it was first put in front of me! Haha!
Had pumpkin pie one night and carrot cake with cream cheese icing and ice cream on the side another night!

…we headed home. And while I was sad to say goodbye to Ian, Shannon and Jackson, going home meant that I got to pick up Abby from the kennel! Um, yeah, she was slightly excited. There were about 10 other people picking their dogs up at the same time so I couldn’t take a video of the reunion this time, but this is her in the car! Happy Dog!!

And this was her, the minute we got home – SOUND ASLEEP.

I got up this morning and went for my first run since Friday morning. 3 days off and enough food to feed a small country…and let me tell you, it was the best run I have had in weeks!! I felt like I was flying!!

7 miles at 7:23 min/mile (4:35min/km). AMAZING!!!! And this is why it drives me NUTS when I see/hear people giving (uneducated) advice about “cutting out certain foods entirely from your diet” in order to be healthy. Nope. Sorry. Feed yourself real food, don’t deny yourself entirely the foods you love or feel guilty for eating them, and when it’s a special occasion, INDULGE!! Trust me, you’ll be much happier, healthier and you’ll run faster!

Back to work today…but trying to pretend I’m in the middle of this kind of peacefulness experienced on the weekend…


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