THAT crossed the line.

You saw how dreary it was yesterday morning here and by the time I left work, it was nasty. No more rain, but horribly cold(er) and WINDY! I went home, pulled on warm pants, hoodie and a jacket to walk Abby. But then, as I was making dinner, I looked out the window and saw a rainbow!!

So, awkward moment with the roommate last night. I’m particular about my food and when she asked whether she should contribute money and eat my food or buy her own, I suggested she just buy her own. She’s crashing at my place for days to maybe 2 weeks so I really thought she’d just buy small quantities of food until she moved into her new place and could buy the staples. But when she got home last night with bags and bags of groceries, I realized she thought differently. Ummm, I have no idea where she thought she was going to put it. It’s not like I have spare empty cupboards. And remember what it was like sharing a fridge with roommates in university? Yeah, I’m past that. And then, get this…as she’s unpacking her food that could do her for a hike in the Andes, she says, “Oooh, and look, I bought a WHOLE FRESH FISH to cook!”

For those of you who don’t know me well…I LOATHE fish. The taste makes me gag and the smell is enough to send me over the edge. I’m trying to be patient, but I had to draw the line there. I initially explained, politely, that I really couldn’t handle fish. She just laughed. Then I explained, that the smell made me really ill and I was worried about that. She just laughed. So I had to do it. I told her she couldn’t cook it in my house and asked her to return the fish. I FELT SO BAD. But really, why is she cooking an entire fish while crashing at my house? This isn’t Masterchef chez Jane! She was shocked. And I think actually thought I was joking. It was SO awkward. But, in the end, she returned the fish. She had bought it at a large chain grocer so I knew they’d accept any return!

The GOOD news is that she has found an apartment that she could have October 1st and this morning she told me that she had received an email saying she could could move in next Wednesday!! WOOHOO!!!!!! The end not only has a secure date, but it is in sight!!

This morning I woke to these temps:

And Meghann, who didn’t close her door tightly last night, woke to Abby pouncing on her (literally) and licking her face. LOL!!

I obviously wore my toque and mitts…but I also threw on a scarf this morning!!

Should have also worn warmer pants. I was COLD…and this didn’t help:

Like, really???

Meant to include a pic of my bruise yesterday, but forgot. Here is a side by side of yesterday’s and then how it looks today. Definitely getting better. And doesn’t bother me at all unless I touch it. DO NOT touch the bruise.

Had to haul out some almost winter running gear today. Capri tights, long-sleeve and a vest. I also wore mitts. And while I was warm on my run, I didn’t regret any of those layers.

While cool and cloudy, it was beautiful. 7 miles at 7:32 min/mile. But to be honest, I swear I could feel it in my lungs – like on those really cold days in winter! LOL! #suchawuss 

Happy Friday!!!

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