While I may not enjoy it, Abby is LOVING the new addition.

I posted this on Twitter this morning.

A few weeks after I returned from my “time” in Mexico, my awesome cousin, Diane, who is a few years older than me, was going to NYC on business and invited me to join her – she flew me there on her points and I stayed with her. She is an awesome cousin. While she worked, I wandered the streets of NYC – a city that I had grown up thinking was a big, busy, scary and dangerous city. But my experience was that it was big, busy and awesome. People were friendly and because it was so busy, I didn’t feel scared – there were always people around! I went to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Stock Exchange, Empire State Building, and with her we went to a play on Broadway, went to the US Open (saw Venus Williams) ate great food, went shopping…and on September 2, 2001, we found ourselves on top of the World Trade Centre admiring the view and casually taking pictures. Obviously, having no clue that in 9 days from then, the world would forever be different because of where we were standing. On September 11th, when I heard that the towers had been hit I felt such a sadness not only for the people affected directly by the tragedy, but for the city in general – a city that had welcomed me and given me such a great, happy and safe experience only days earlier. And all that was gone.

Last night I spent the evening moving my friend, Meghann, into my house. Ugh.

Abby, however, is in heaven. You know those people that just ooze that energy that dogs love? That is Meghann. Abby CANNOT get enough of her.

This is Abby last night trying to stay in Meghann’s room for the night!

This is Abby trying to get into Meghann’s room at 5am this morning! Meghann has stayed at my house before and knows that, unless you want face licks from Abby at 5am, when you close your bedroom door, you need to make sure it “clicks” shut! She learned the hard way. LOL!!

It’s a dreary day here today…

…but at least it’s not cold!! Not yet at least. It was 68F when I walked Abby this morning…it’s going to be 43 tonight…and supposedly 39 Sunday night. Noooooooooo!!

Today is a running rest day so I just had my strengthening exercises – I threw in some upper body work as well to help with my upside down push-ups!

Started off with lunges, squats (increased the weight here), and switched monster walks in for the clams.

Monster walks had me using the band (orange one today) and walking, in a squat position, 5-6 steps forward and then backwards and repeating until there was quite a burn in my glutes! Did each exercise 3 times.

Then for upper body I used my TRX system and did pull-ups (wide and narrow)

And push-ups…3 sets of 10 for each exercise. (sorry, freaky with me looking at the camera!)

I’m definitely more motivated to do this workouts when I have a number of exercises to do rather than just the one my PT gave me to do. What will help with the motivation in the coming weeks is if I see an improvement in my ITB, hams and quads!

Happy Thursday!!

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