I’m good at pacing myself except…

…when there’s a runner up ahead of me…because then I NEED to pass them. 

Does that happen to you? Drives me nuts. I’m running along, pace is even, feels good…and then I see a runner up ahead and if I’m not obviously gaining on them, then I lose all control of my legs and they, without my permission, speed up so that I can overtake the runner. Then, of course, once you pass them, the problem is that you have to STAY in front of them, so you have to maintain that stupid new pace. I run early enough in the morning that there aren’t too many runners out so this doesn’t happen all that often, but it happened this morning. *sigh*

So yeah, my run this morning – how did my quad behave? Well, I was reminded that a) a treadmill has more give and b) there is no downhill on a treadmill (well, not mine at least).  The first 15 minutes of my run were quite uncomfortable on the hard pavement and going downhill might have made me whimper a little bit. But, overall, the bruise didn’t affect my run. Got in 7 miles at a 7:29 min/mile pace (partly thanks to that rogue runner I passed – lol!). Overcast this morning and 55F (13C) which, sadly, is now warm to me.

Yesterday was Tuesday which means it was leg strengthening rehab exercise night – I need an acronym for that…LSRE? Anyway, I was on the phone for a long time with a friend last night so by the time I got off, I had a bunch of stuff to do in a short time frame (given my bedtime!) and I really didn’t FEEL like doing the LSRE’s…but I made that promise (publicly) so I did them!

3 sets of 10 for: lunges, squats and clams. Those clams are too easy, even with the heavier band, so I think I’m going to have to “Monster steps” with the band next time – see if that brings on a better burn.

Although doing the clams is relaxing – you get to lie down and relax!!

After that I did my foam rolling – being very carefully to not roll on my left quad…but then I stopped paying attention and…CRAP (actually, a very different word came out of my mouth)!! I rolled over the bruise. My stomach totally lurched. And I then whimpered for a few seconds while trying to breath! Look at that pathetic face!! LOL!

Tonight I have a friend (not a close friend) moving in with me for what I hope is only a few days, might be a few weeks…better not be longer. Her name is Meghan and I know her through field hockey. She used to live in Kingston (just less than 2 hours from here) and would drive every Thursday night to Ottawa to play with us (talk about dedication!!) and then she moved to Toronto last spring. Two weeks ago she was offered a great career opportunity here in Ottawa and she starts tomorrow. So she’s staying at my place until she finds an apartment. She’s super awesome and Abby LOVES her, but unless you share a bed with me, I’m not looking for anyone else to live in my house! The time/need for roommates has long passed.

Happy Wednesday!!

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