What is black, has a belt and goes nowhere.

The answer is where I did my run this morning.

LOL – look at my face…that’s excitement that I’m going to run mixed with “Oh dear lord, I have to run on the ratmill this morning!!”

Didn’t foam roll last night because getting up and down from the floor and the movement my quad goes through during the rolling was too much to handle. But I went to bed SUPER early last night…how early you ask? This is what time it was when I turned out my light! YES!!!

Walked Abby this morning in the early morning light (darkness)…although I really do miss those sunrises I used to get, I can’t argue that this is still pretty awesome…

And Abby was her usual self. I swear, she knows what the camera is. Here I am, with the camera, trying to get her attention, to have her look AT me – which she will do any other time!

And then we had these…she’s not looking at me here either. *sigh*

My leg was aching while walking Abby and I was getting anxious – even though I KNOW that I need to just focus on healing rather than getting in ONE MORE training session. But still, just because I know something doesn’t mean that it translates into rational thoughts!

So I decided to try running – but on the ratmill so that if I needed to suddenly bail, I could do it and not worry about a 3 mile walk back home! 

 I’m on season 4 of Breaking Bad – I’ve been there since April since I only watch it while on the ratmill!

The run was ok. I did a longer warm-up than usual at about 8:30min/mi and then worked my way up to having the last 20 minutes being between 7:40-7:30min/mi. I ran a total of 5 miles. Couldn’t run any further and not because of my quad, but because I was about to lose my mind on that thing!! LOL! So I plan to be outside tomorrow – not sure if I’ll do my planned track workout or just do a steady pace of 7 miles. We’ll see.

12 days until race day! Eeeeeeek!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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