Can’t run because I impaled my quad.

Ok, so that might be a LITTLE dramatic (but now you see where Abby might get her drama queen skills from!). On Saturday morning I did my long run with my teammates which was AWESOME!! There were 6 of us (all female) ranging in age from early 20’s to 65! And the 65 year old can still kick our butts most days of the week and I am the slowest of them all. It was a rainy day, but with the humidity, we were grateful for it!! These are the 5 others – the 65 year old is in the lead…as she always is! And yes, ever since I sent this photo to the team, everyone has been freaking out over that girl’s calves!! LOL! She is new to the team – she is here from Norway for the semester…our Norwegian import!!

We ran 12 miles and just over half way through, as we were crossing one of my infamous locks here in Ottawa, I wasn’t paying attention (i.e. I was chatting with someone behind me), I RAMMED my left quad into a metal lever that was sticking out. Yup, that feeling you just got thinking about it? Multiply that by about 100. But whatever, I just kept running – what else was I supposed to do? But holy crap, did it HURT. Absolute radiating pain up and down my quad.  I had scheduled a massage right after my run with my PT and when I got there I gave her strict instructions to not go NEAR my left quad – to not even look at it! LOL!  A bruise had formed right away so she could already see what I was belly-aching about!  The good news was that she didn’t find any spots that were REALLY tight and felt that, aside from the quad, I was injury free which is great!

Ok, let me roll back a second to Friday night – another Redblacks football game. Ahhh, how I love these – they always leave me with a smile. Although, I will say, their defense has definitely improved (i.e. learned the rules of the game) and they held the BC Lions off from getting a single TD…unfortunately, our offense continues to, I assume, sleep through practice…which does not help their throwing or catching skills.  Here is some video:

This is where our QB insists on throwing long (despite it NEVER working) and, as what has become a regular occurrence, the opposing team caught the ball and gained some yards themselves. *sigh*

And then here is another classic play. Our QB manages to throw on target, but then our wide receiver fumbles the catch…AT THE END LINE. You can hear the crowd who assumed that we had scored…I mean, how could you not?!

At one point, one of the BC Lions’ was down – and you could tell it was serious. The whole time one of the trainers was holding the guy’s head/neck straight and they kept asking the guy to squeeze their hand. My reaction somewhat took me by surprise – I was terrified for this guy. I did NOT want to see someone taken out on a stretcher. This is supposed to be fun. Thankfully, after what seemed like forever, they got the guy to his feet – and basically dragged him off the field. Replays didn’t show it well, but it looked like he had taken a good hit to the head and was definitely wobbly on his feet.

I don’t know if it’s just ours, but I really hate the cheerleaders. They really add nothing to the game (which is saying a lot now that you see the level of play) and just irritate me.

Then we have half-time. *SNORE* It’s so bad that they have THREE mascots – the Redblacks (Big Joe the Lumberjack – LOL!), our soccer team’s (Sparky the spark – or something like that) and our junior hockey team’s (Ryley Raccoon). It’s a gong show. For as long as I can remember, football in Ottawa has the fans on the North side of the field pitted against the south side – there is SERIOUS rivalry. I think we spend half the game chanting “South side sucks, South side sucks” and vice versa. So all the little silly games they play during breaks are centred around this rivalry – below are all three mascots and a game of tug-o-war…my side (North side) won. 🙂

Earlier in the day on Friday we got hit with a massive storm. It lasted about 15 minutes and caused this:

And there was some risk of another storm during the game, but the one in the afternoon had been so bad no one thought that another biggie would come. HA!

The rain started…

Photo: Ottawa Citizen
Photo: Ottawa Citizen

And then the thunder, lightening and TORRENTIAL sheets of rain made them call a rain delay. Despite not thinking I would really need it, I had brought a full rain suit and my dad had a huge poncho so were were just fine (well, as fine as you could be sitting through buckets of water being hurled at you!). It was a 21-minute delay and then they came back and finished the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter. 

You’d think they could have at least pulled a win for those of us who had stayed but, *sigh*, no…they lost 7-5. Yes, if it hadn’t been for the rain delay and them ensuring there was enough beer flowing, the game would have been a total bust.

After the rain Saturday morning during my run, the day turned out to be beautiful and the sunset was awesome from my back patio!

Yesterday, while driving, this song came on. This is the one I danced to on National Mexican television and I have rarely heard it since…I could almost feel my body knowing the choreographed moves….almost. LOL!

Yesterday afternoon I met my good friend Ashley for a beer! 🙂

This morning I woke to the most bizarre weather – DUST??? I have no idea what that means!! And I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary on the walk with Abby this morning…

But I can tell you, I wore my toque and mitts! Here is Abby giving me some pre-walk kisses!!

So I have been in absolute agony all weekend since the quad incident. I can barely climb stairs, sit down or stand up…the quad is ANGRY. But obviously, I still planned on running this morning. Ok, I’ll admit, I was a little worried about it, but walking caused only minor aching compared to sitting down so I figured I might be able to handle running. Yeah, no. I turned around after 194m. The pain was sharp and I was really worried about what it was doing to my gait. I have a race is less than 2 weeks. I’m not going to gain much in fitness between now and then so all I’m doing is risking further injury. But it’s still SO FRUSTRATING. Bruise doesn’t look that bad…but woah, does it make me whimper.

Happy Monday!!

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