When you can’t do something, it’s best to laugh – and post the video!

As I have mentioned before, I live in an awesome neighbourhood and have the best neighbours you could want! Last night I organized an “End of Summer Street BBQ” and it was sooooo much fun – and the weather was perfect!! Warm but with a slight breeze.

We have one vegetarian on the street…we had one veggie burger and then a whole lot of meat!! YUM!!

I don’t live on a huge street (which is probably what makes it so nice) and at one point I counted 35 people which is great!! We have this random area in the middle of our ‘hood, behind a couple of the houses, where we can hold events like this.

My bbq is often the one the gets volunteered so these are some of the guys bringing it back to my backyard.

While it was SO MUCH FUN, I did end up eating a lot of food right before bed – yes, I was still in bed with screens off by 9pm – and the consequence of that was waking up at 2am, not feeling great and not being able to fall back asleep until 4am…alarm going off at 5am was NOT pleasant.

I was in no mood for Abby’s shenanigans and she knew it – so when she threw down into Sleeping Grass Monster, she wouldn’t even look at me. Such a rascal.

I went out for my run and seriously, 500m from my house I really started considering just throwing in the towel and going back home. I did NOT feel it today. In the end I shortened my run from 7 to 5 miles and still, although I honestly don’t know how, banged out a 7:30 pace and my HR was no higher than usual. I’ll take it. 

And then when I got home it was time for my upside-down push-ups (UDPUs). As you saw yesterday, I did 10 – but not “full” ones where my head touches the ground so that is my next goal – to a) do one and then b) do 10.  This is my trying to do my first one ever (you need volume):

Ba-hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I have some SERIOUS work to do. So my plan is to focus on 5 each time I do them and to just keep trying to get my head closer and closer to the ground.

Happy Weekend!!!

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