Mysterious gift, serious business meeting, a new throw-down and…I DID IT!!!

Coming home from work is always nice, but twice in the past 2 months I have come home and while approaching my front door have burst into full out laughter. If you missed it, check out what I came home to in July and then last night I discovered that I had been given a new doormat!

I think I have figured out which one of my neighbours is responsible for this, but no one has actually fessed up! Haha!

Last night was one of the exceptions to my 9pm bedtime rule as I had a field hockey board of directors meeting and I didn’t get home until after 9pm. These meetings are VERY serious.

Haha! Not at all. We sit around, drink beer, eat nachos and the guys rib each other over various things they have or have not done. My job is to try and get us through the agenda.

But I still did my foam rolling yesterday!

This morning’s walk with Abby was, as per usual, ridiculous.

Gorgeous sunrise.

Sleeping Grass Monster throw-down

And here is a new one: Ultimate Dead Dog throw-down – note the frozen paws in the air like rigor mortis has already set it. *sigh*

This is the speed we were moving at this morning…for an hour.

I usually wear these pants while walking Abby in the morning…and I realized today that I look like I’ve escaped from prison. LOL!

Today is a rest day from running, but a hip/glute strength/rehab day! Did the same as I did on Tuesday however I substituted straight-leg deadlifts for bent-leg…but will switch to squats next time. Don’t like bent-leg deadlifts. I also increased the intensity on the abductor move by changing to a higher resistance band.

And then I followed up with my push-up challenge…

I DID 10!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!! So now I need to start making them stronger – try and get my head as close to the ground as possible on each one!  I will tell you though, A LOT of blood rushes to your head when you’re there that long and it is NOT comfortable! LOL!

Happy Thursday!!

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