Yup, the track nearly killed me this morning. NEARLY.

Ummm, can I just tell you that I have had a CRAZY morning so far. And I haven’t had my mid-morning snack yet…so it might get ugly soon! LOL.

Got up at 5:10am, ate breakfast & fed Abby, left the house at 5:30 to “walk” her majesty…

I nearly lost my mind this morning. It was OUT. OF. CONTROL. I know, I know, it’s like this every day, but I swear, this morning she took me to the end of my rope.

Then I got myself to the track and did a workout that nearly killed me. I don’t think it was the actual workout that was hard, I think a) my body was tired and b) I was an idiot and went out too fast (in other words, there was someone else on the track and I had to show-off…see? Idiot.)

The workout was 5 x 200m on 1 minute rest, 1 x 1000m on 3 minutes rest before and after and 5 x 200m on 1 minute rest.  These were my splits:

5 x 200m: 31s, 31s, 32s, 33s (UGH – NOT the direction I wanted to go!)
1 x 1000m: 3:40 (basically felt like I was stumbling around the track trying to recover)
5 x 200m: 34s, 32s, 32s, 31s (phewf)

**remember, the track is short so my 200’s are more like 180s and my 1000 is more like 900

But no joke, when I finished the last one I had a brief moment of worry that I was going to collapse from heart failure…seriously, I didn’t know whether to keep walking around or just lie down on the track – although with the track looking the way it did this morning, that would not have been pleasant!

Then I got back to my house at 7:45am just in time to have a quick neighbourhood meeting (I am the president of our co-tenancy) with our VP and one of our contractors.

Then I got inside and did 5 upside down push-ups…only to discover that I hadn’t hit “record” – UGH!  So I did it again but only did 4.5 and didn’t have time to try it again!

Then I had to jump in the shower and be ready by 9am because I had someone coming over to do work on the house this morning…then I went into a meeting as soon as I got to work…and now I’m hiding in my office. 


Ok, enough about my morning…what you are all really wondering about is whether I followed my rules last night, right?? LOL!  I knew it.

Well, I’m happy to report that I did my strength work, foam rolling AND screens were off and I was in bed by 9pm!! Woohoo!

This is what I did for strength training – remember, this is more rehab strength training.

I started off with lunges – 3 sets of 10

Then I did straight leg dead-lifts – 3 sets of 10. Am not sure why I did straight leg…just on autopilot I guess (they are my fav) – next time I will do bent leg.

And then I did this abductor/clam exercise – 3 sets of 10

This is the equipment I used – and as I figure out how strong I really am (and as I get stronger) I will increase the weight and/or change the exercise.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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