I need to be held accountable – and I might try out for the circus!

While I hate that Abby is not well, I am SO GLAD that I stayed home this weekend. I think I really needed it. I got lots of sleep, relaxed, cleaned my house and made some promises to myself that I posted in LARGE (poster-size) in my kitchen and am going to post here so that you can hold me accountable.  I have less than three weeks until my next race (Ottawa’s Army Run – half marathon) and I NEED to make sure my body is ready.  In order to do that, I feel that I need to parent myself with the following rules:

I seriously feel silly that I have to give myself a bedtime, in writing, but it’s been getting out of control lately and I truly believe that sleep is one of the most important things we can give ourselves. The only times I might not be able to do it is when I either work until 8:30pm OR if I have a meeting in the evening (I’m on a couple of boards of directors)

I also need to make sure I am foam rolling everyday and that I am doing my strengthening exercises – something that I have not been good at despite the physio telling me to do them. I think part of the problem is that she just gave me one exercise…that’s boring, I need more! LOL!  So I put together some exercises I want to focus on and I will do them tonight – I will report to you tomorrow!

Saturday’s run was ok – I was in vacay mode so I didn’t actually leave my house until 11:30am which was a bit silly because by them the sun was rather high in the sky and despite me LOVING the heat, my body has got used to the cool temps we have lately so I somewhat suffered during the run. I did 10 miles at 7:46min/mi.

Half of my route on Saturday ended up being along a race course. A race that might be one of the craziest ones around: an “Ironman distance” race. What does that mean? Well, it’s not an official Ironman (nor does it use “Ironman” anywhere in its description) but the course allows participants to complete the distance of an Ironman. The problem?  It’s set in the middle of a major city – so you do MULTIPLE laps of the course. The swim course requires you to do it twice, the bike course 12 times (!!) and the run 8 times – I WOULD GO INSANE. I once volunteered at the race at an aid station on the run course…yeah, total insanity. By the end of of the race, I had seen all the runners SIXTEEN TIMES. I knew them by name!!! So yeah, I ran along the bike course and just shook my head! LOL!

Most of my routes are along bike/pedestrian paths so I don’t normally hit traffic congestion…but I did trying to cross at one of the locks! I actually had to wait a minute or two! Ha!

Over the past 2 weeks, 3 of my neighbours have been away and I was taking in their mail and watering their plants (hilarious that they would trust me with that!) and they each gave me a thank you gift: 2 bottles of wine and FRESH Jasmine tea from China….which neighbours know me best?! LOL!

On Saturday we had a TORRENTIAL downpour with thunder and lightening – it was like the world was ending. Then 5 minutes later I was out with Abby and captured this:

Yesterday was a holiday…but it was still Monday…which means Horrible Hill Day. This week was hill sprints (125m) and you know what? I killed it.  These were my splits last time I did this workout:

2 weeks ago: 28 seconds, 29, 28, 26, 26, 25, 25, 24, 25, 24, 25, 24
And yesterday: 26, 26, 26, 25, 25, 25, 24, 24, 23, 23,23,23,22,22 – WHAT?!

I left it ALL out there on that hill. Seriously. I could barely make it home. All 400m. This is me trying to walk home…LOL – my legs felt like absolute rubber and I couldn’t move any faster than this. Really, I just wanted to lie down – but decided that might bring on some unwanted attention!

These were the scenes on our walk this morning…yes, morning, not nighttime *sigh*

The “sunrise” – snort. 

Not that you can see it but it’s a Sleeping Grass Monster throwdown

 A standoff between Abby and a rabbit – guess who won (hint: not Abby)

Just needed to stop…for no reason…as usual.

Pencil dog throwdown

And then I embarked on what has to be the most humid run of THE YEAR. Yes, on September 2 I almost died of humidity. LOL! I will be drinking gallons of water all day!

When I got home I came up with a new goal for myself (yeah, just what I needed, right?). Check this out! I want to a) perfect my form and b) do 10 of them in a row. Maybe I could be a circus act?! LOL!

I re-learned (from when I was 8) how to do the handstand part yesterday (it’s amazing how much more fear you have as an adult!!). That seriously was the hardest part for me. Just letting yourself be brave enough to throw your legs straight up like that?! I was totally out of breath by the time I finally did it. But then once I did it once, I could do it every time. And then today I somehow decided to try the push-up part.

And as for an update on Abby:

As I said last week, she seems to be allergic to one of her vaccines and her reaction is to have a very large abscess form at the injection site – if not treated (as happened the first year ’cause I didn’t know!), it eventually “explodes” through her skin (awful!!!). So now I put her on antibiotics…but the abscess still grows and all weekend it’s been the size of a smooshed tennis ball on her left shoulder. Poor thing!! But today I THINK that it has started to shrink – fingers crossed!!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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