When I played soccer as a princess and swam with icebergs…up in the Arctic.

It’s Friday!!! And of a holiday long weekend!! (and the first one in a LONG time that I share with my American friends!!).

Yesterday, circulating around Twitter, was this activity where you’d list 10 random things about yourself. This was mine:

A few extra thoughts on some of these random facts…

I didn’t run this morning because apparently I need a parent to tell me when to go to bed. Again, I was up far too late for my 5am wake up call and I pressed snooze FIVE TIMES without even knowing it…and my alarm is not quiet.  And it’s ironic because despite having gone to grad school for exercise & nutrition and my title being “exercise specialist” at work, I feel like I spend 80% of my time working with parents and their kids on strategies to reduce screen time and increase sleep quantity and quality. And yet here I am, on a screen way past my bedtime and struggling to get up in the morning (and I LOVE early mornings!!)! Time to listen to my own advice!!

I am so incredibly terrified of spiders. I think they are the most hideous creatures on earth and I’m convinced they are all out to get me (completely rational thoughts). I can’t remember if I told this story already but a number of years ago I went out to my backyard to bbq and when I leaned over to take the cover off the bbq I felt my head go into a spiderweb. I shrieked (obviously – what else would you do?), jumped back and then nearly fell over when I saw what had decided to make a home in my backyard…you can see where the web is broken from my head…it could have eaten me it was so HUGE!!!

And then I have the pleasure of living in a city with one of the World’s 10 most terrifying statues.

This is “Maman” (French for mother). From wikipedia:

“The sculpture, which depicts a spider , is among the world’s largest, measuring over 30 ft high and over 33 ft wide (927 x 891 x 1024 cm). It includes a sac containing 26 marble eggs and its abdomen and thorax are made up of ribbed bronze. 

It sits outside the National Art Gallery of Canada…who bought the statue in 2005 for, get this, 3.2 million dollars!! Really?? Ugh. And seriously, you can see the eggs in the egg sac when you stand underneath it! It’s like a nightmare for me.

And then there’s the arctic ocean. If you’ve read even only one or two of my posts, you know that I am the BIGGEST cold weather wuss. So why in the world would I swim in the ARCTIC ocean you ask? Well, if you’re up there and given the chance, how can you really pass it up, right? In 2006 (I can’t believe it’s been that long!!) my dad took me on a trip to the Arctic (Canada and Greenland) as we both have had a long-time fascination with the history of the discovery of the Northwest Passage (nerdy side of me). It was THE MOST amazing trip – not only did I get to do it with my dad, but what I saw and learned was just incredible. 

These pics don’t even begin to show how majestic the icebergs are!

And then its peaceful beauty…

We visited the most northern community in Canada – WOW!! Eye opener.

Greenland was picturesque!!

And while there a fisherman caught a narwhal which would feed the entire village – it was an exciting day for the people there. Here, the fisherman is explaining to the kids how he uses traditional methods to hunt.

And while in Greenland, our group competed against the locals in a game of soccer (don’t ask, but they crowned me Princess Jane during the trip – and they made me wear a crown while playing!). These people are soccer FANATICS and KICKED. OUR. BUTTS. And had ZERO qualms about getting physical out on the “field” (yeah, no grass grows up there!!)

And then there was THE SWIM. I didn’t know I’d be doing it so I didn’t have a bathing suit with me (I know, silly me, not bringing one with me to arctic!). I don’t think I need to tell you how cold it was. I was in for maybe 30 seconds – didn’t put my head under, but took 2 full strokes before turning around for shore. My feet thawing out afterwards is probably the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life. But so worth it!!!

Anyway, back to August 2014. Abby is still obviously in discomfort/distress so we’ll be staying in town this weekend. It means that I’ll be able to get my training sorted out ’cause this week has been a bit of a disaster. I’ll be getting out for 10 miles tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to it – I need it!!

Happy Long Weekend!!!

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