No run on a day when I probably needed a run.

Had a not so good day yesterday. You know when you already know the answer to a question but you ask it anyway hoping for a different answer? Yeah, I did that yesterday. Asked a question to someone I really care about (and have for years) and got the answer I knew I’d get but was hoping I wouldn’t. I cried. And am mad at myself for setting myself up like that.  Trying to shake it off.

Almost as if to mimic my mood, Abby was not herself last night.  She is a cuddly dog, but she also likes to be independent and while I always want to cuddle with her, she gets to a point where she just wants her own space on the couch! LOL!  But last night, she was all about gluing herself against me.

And normally I love it when she’s like that, but last night I feared that it was because she was starting to react to the vaccine. And my fears were realized during the night. A very restless night where she panted constantly, drank an entire bowl of water and just wanted to snuggle in close to me. What was a bit scary was when we got up, she didn’t want her breakfast. Just wanted to go outside – which we did…just before 5am. No sun even on the horizon.

Thankfully, when we got home she wanted her breakfast (seriously, Abby not wanting food warrants a trip to emerg) and then we just spent the next few hours cuddling on the couch – no run for me today…despite me probably really needing a run to clear out some not good emotions. But making sure she’s ok is way more important. She’s my buddy.

I was planning to drive 6 hours to see my adorable nephew this weekend – my brother sent me this pic earlier this week with the caption: Auntie Jane, look, I can colour! LOL!! He looks so proud of himself, no?

But I might not go if Abby’s not feeling well – wouldn’t be fair to her. I’ll make the decision tonight or tomorrow morning.

Hope you have a Happy Thursday!

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