Visit to the vet and another dance memory…

Last night was Abby’s annual vet appointment. I love her vet – he was the vet for both my dogs growing up so he’s almost part of the family! For the last two years, this appointment has become stressful as Abby seems to be allergic to one of the main vaccinations she needs to get – and the only alternative is to not give it to her…which isn’t really an option. The solution we’re going with right now is that he gives me antibiotics to use the minute she starts to show a reaction…I guess I’m just worried that eventually that won’t work anymore. BUT, I’ll cross that bridge if/when we come to it!  Other than that, he gave her a clean bill of health and said “she’s clearly such a happy dog” (of course she is – she is a DIVA who gets everything she wants/needs!!).

So, because of the potential for a bad reaction at the injection site I had a little more patience for this behaviour this morning:

And I did pick her up and carry her for a bit. The little suck just snuggled in close as I did.

Did you know I love this little dog more than anything??

When my alarm went off this morning…It took my pressing snooze 3 times to actually become conscious. I was SOOOO tired. Then I lay there for another 10 minutes deciding whether I would even get up or just re-set my alarm to go off in another hour.  In the end I got up…but wasn’t sure how long it would be for.  

I was so late getting our for our walk that I got to see this!!

During my walk with Abby I made the decision to go back to bed as soon as we got home – I just didn’t have it in me for a run. But then as we were back on our street, I ran into a few neighbours and chatted with them and by the time I made it home I just thought, “Ah, screw it, there’s not point in going back to bed now, so you might as well get in a quick run!”.

It was a beautiful 5 miles (7:29min/mi pace) and I felt good for doing it.

This is a very random story, but I heard Michael Jackson’s Thriller on the radio this morning and it made me think of it. A few years back, one of my close friends, Melanie, was getting married and part of her bachelorette party had us at a dance studio learning the steps/moves to Thriller. And then in the weeks leading up to the wedding, we held regular rehearsals so we would be ready to perform…at the wedding! It was hilarious! During the dinner, the DJ started to play Thriller and the first part of it is the “creepy” music and all the girls involved (we were sitting at different tables throughout the hall) got up from their seats and started slowly, like zombies, walking towards the dance floor. No one else had ANY idea what was going on (not even our dates!!) and then when we got to the dance floor we launched into the full on Thriller dance moves – it was AWESOME and the rest of the guests went nuts!! (that’s me in the green dress…they put me up front because of my “previous dance experience” – LOL!!!)

Happy Wednesday!!

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