What every run should end with (well, during the summer)!

I’m getting used to opening my eyes in the morning and seeing complete darkness…but am not “springing” out of bed like I can when it’s daylight!! I seem to be pressing snooze once and sometimes twice before I can be conscious enough to know what’s going on!

Leaving the house this morning this was on the horizon…

I was enjoying my morning coffee and am ok to walk slowly but this…this is just painful.

And it did not get any better. It got worse.

And then we hit an absolute stand still.

Thank goodness this is REALLY early in the morning because frankly, these conversations I have with her are embarrassing.

And yes, I finally just picked her up. I totally would have taken a selfie of this but, in addition to trying to carry this 32lb sausage dog, I was carrying my coffee mug!! No extra hands at all.

And then, her now usual protest when we got home – doesn’t want the walk to end. 

Had a good run today – because I don’t check my garmin while I’m running, I was just praying that it was going to be a fast pace because trust me, it wasn’t terribly comfortable! LOL!

In the end, I ran 7 miles in 7:26 min/mile so I felt good about that.

Yesterday, one of my fav bloggers, Carson, nominated me for the ALS ice bucket challenge (she has the most awesome accent EVER – check it out here if you can) and I figured the best way for me to dump ice water on myself was to do it after a run when I’m super hot and sweaty. So this was me this morning – yup, at my most beautiful…straight out of bed and post-run. LOL!

If you can’t see the video – here is a pic mid-water dump!

I kinda always want to do that after a run now…

Happy Tuesday!!

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