This is what all weekends should be made of!

Saturday morning started off with me sleeping in until 8am – pure bliss. I had a slow breakfast and even slower walk with Abby. By the time I set out on my run, it was 11am and in the 70s (aka BLAZING HEAT for Canadians). I was in heaven.  My runs haven’t felt as good lately – just not feeling as strong as I was feeling before my week vacation – so I was both nervous and excited for my long run – 13 miles.  

Guess what? I did 13 miles in a pace of 7:43 min/mile with no ITB or hamstring pain!! And you can bet that the minute I got inside, I was rolling around on the foam roller trying to stay on top of things in my leg department!!

Then I quickly did groceries, packed the car and headed up to the cottage. I only had 18 hours until I needed to be back in the city, but with the weather forecast so amazing and the cottage less than an hour from home, I couldn’t pass it up! I knew there had been some construction done on the cottage this week but my dad said that there wouldn’t be any workers up on the weekend and that they weren’t tearing up the driveway until this week…*sigh* I keep forgetting that the contractor and my dad don’t speak each other’s language and I wasn’t there to translate…

It was disgusting. And you know that all Abby wanted to do during those 18 hours was dig around in that dirt!!

But once I got everything out of the car and into the cottage, I got myself down here – and all was forgotten.

We stayed down on the dock until the sun set…

The next morning I got up early to take advantage of the peace outside…

And got in a few hours of this before it was time to pack up and head home…

The reason I had to be home early on Sunday is that I had tickets to the Ottawa Comedy show…uh, I mean, Ottawa Redblacks football game! My dad is away right now so I brought one of my best friends, and co-workers, Anna.

The cheerleaders are just as good as the players… #notgood

I love the flames that shoot out as the players run out from the inflatable helmet! LOL!

It was BLAZING hot at the game – we were melting. We were literally counting down the second until the sun finally went behind the stands!! The game wasn’t until 3pm and it’s the end of August and it was 43F last week…do you think I wore sunscreen? I totally got burnt.

An American friend was asking whether we sing along to the National Anthem…the answer is yes. We also sing half of it in English and half of it in French.

The game wasn’t NEARLY as comedic as the last one…

But here are some thoughts on the game:

  1. We got a touchdown within the first few minutes of the game. The stands nearly collapsed from the excitement.
  2. We were much better at catching the ball…throwing the ball on target, well that’s where we’re still VERY challenged.
  3. Not nearly as many flags thrown but get this, the translation to “flag on the play” in French is…”Mouchoir sur le terrain”. In English that means: Tissue on the field. Ba-hahaha!
  4. They finally managed to have enough beer for everyone…but ran out of water by half time.
  5. We went into the 4th quarter down with a score of 11-7…during that 4th quarter our starting QB was taken out and replaced with the 2nd string QB…who then got injured during his 2nd play and taken off the field in a golf cart and we got to meet our 3rd string QB (I think he was meeting his teammates for the first time!). Needless to say, this was the final score of the game:
And, not surprisingly, despite it being almost a sell-out game, this is what the stands looked like half-way through the 4th quarter:

But, since I am not a huge football fan and am clueless as to most of what is going on during the game, I had a great time!!

This morning I woke up to beautiful temps – no toque or jacket needed!! (but pants and long-sleeves – let’s not get ridiculous here).

As per usual, Abby was still in sleep mode.

And then it was time for Monday Hill Repeats. I alternate one week with hill sprints (~120m) and the other week with longer hill repeats (~300m). I don’t like hills at all, but I REALLY loathe the long hill repeats. They just really hurt.

The warm-up route was perfect…

And then it’s THE hill. 

This hill, by the way, is a hill I have to climb at the end of EVERY SINGLE run I do. So you’d think we’d have come to some sort of relationship agreement. But no. We have not.

I did 4 repeats – would have liked to have done 6…ok, wait, no, let me re-phrase that…for training benefits I would have wanted to do 6, but I wouldn’t have LIKED doing it – but didn’t want it to irritate my hammie PLUS I wanted to have enough time before work to roll out my ITB!

My previous fastest time I had ever run this hill was 71 seconds. This is what this morning’s splits were: 75, 72, 67 (WHAT???!!!), 68 (ahhhhh!). That is a HUGE improvement!!

Got home and moved right onto the foam roller – which I’m really glad I made time for because I was able to get a knot in my ITB to release!!

So all in all, feeling a little more confident about my running right now. 🙂

Happy Monday!!

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