Quick post today: Abby "speaks" and the HEAT returns with a lil’ rain!

Let’s start off with our Abby laugh of the day. As you know, she is rather demanding…and there is certainly no exception to that when you are cuddling with her and giving her pats. Lord help you if you try and stop. Although she cannot speak a word, she communicates CLEARLY that she does not want you to stop. As you’ll see, her end move is often to just climb on top of me. Often, it also involves knocking the phone right out of my hand…if she thinks that’s what’s interfering with her getting pats!!

Fell asleep to the sound of rain and woke up to the sound of rain but then it stopped by the time I was ready to walk Abby. I must have still been half asleep because I left the house without a jacket on (it was a 68F!!!!) despite it looking like this outside – duh!!

10 minutes into our walk the downpour started. Ugh. Abby and I were soaked by the time we got home again – ’cause you know she didn’t run back home when I asked her to!!

Legs felt decent today so I headed out for a run – the rain had reduced itself to intermittent sprinkles AND as I said, it was HOT outside this morning! Tank top and shorts were almost too much clothing!! LOL! And while it was certainly dreary outside

But the most depressing thing I came across were these trees whose leaves have already started to change!! Um, this isn’t supposed to happen until October!!!

Tried to keep it sane this morning so as not to irritate the leg anymore than need be. Did 7 miles at 7:30 – HR slightly higher than normal but I’m assuming that it was the humidity and of course the heat (LOL!!!!!!). Right??

Happy Thursday!!!

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