It’s over. It really is.

If spending 2 hours in the IT department yesterday with a mystery problem with my laptop wasn’t bad enough…

 I got home from work, turned on the news and saw THIS!!

I almost cried. Summer is actually over. And then, JUST in case I had some hope left, BAM, I wake up to this temperature this morning:

So obviously I had on my mitts and toque and hood pulled up as Abby I embarked on our arctic adventure!

But once outside, it wasn’t too bad because the sky was full of promise!!


Just as we were coming home, this was pleasantly blinding me!

I had physio last night – she said that my theory about my hammies calming down once my ITB loosened up more permanently was a good one. She did ART on my ITB and glutes on both legs and told me to continue with the glute strengthening exercises and with the foam rolling and ball therapy. So this morning my legs were a wee bit tender.

By the time I was ready to go for my run, it had warmed up to a balmy

Totally shorts and tank top weather!! I snickered at the other runners wearing long sleeves that they were pulling up as they were too hot and felt sorry for those wearing tights. LOL – yes, yes, I KNOW, I’m the one who had her fireplace going last week!

It may have been a little on the cool side, but it was GORGEOUS out this morning!!

I did 7 miles and my average pace was 7:28 min/mile which made me feel better. Am not  back to where I was before my week off, but today’s made me feel like I’m headed back there. Oddly, my right leg was “ok” but my left ITB was screaming at me. I have never had that before. I’ve decided not to worry about it, I rolled it out when I got home and I will roll it out again tonight. I’m just chalking it up to physio working on it last night. Right??

Happy Tuesday!!

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