Abby in full out Diva mode – on camera. And I admit, I enable it!

By the time Friday night came around, I was exhausted! And not because it had been a terribly stressful week, but because it was after a week off where, as you know, I did NOTHING but laze around on the dock, and I really wasn’t very good to myself in terms of getting to bed at a decent hour all last week. So, Friday night ended for me around 9:30pm and I slept straight through until 8am…yeah, if you don’t want to do that math, that’s over 10 hours of sleep…amazing!!

Of course, the sun wasn’t awake. The last time we had seen it was Monday when we had a high of 88F…since then, it has averaged 53F. Awesome. Not. But at least it wasn’t raining. So, off Abby and I went on our walk.

Even on gloomy days, the Enchanted Forest is pretty to walk through!

Until you see that your dog has mingled with a burr bush! Ugh!! All I could think about was the cutting I was going to have to do…and what a fight it was going to be!!

Luckily, and I think because they were green burrs and still moist, I was able to comb them out without too much difficulty and Abby was REALLY good about letting me do it!

Then it was time for my long run. Because of my leg issues, I was keeping it to 10 miles rather than 13. And despite my complaining about the temps, it’s interesting how quickly you can adapt to the weather. Two days ago I had the fireplace on because it was 53F and yet with this being the weather when I set out on the run…

…I was in shorts and a tank – the same I would wear if it was 80 degrees! LOL!!

The run was OK. I felt tired in general and my right hamstring was really bothering me. But perhaps what ruined in the most was the weather. I REALLY miss the sun!!

Running through this tunnel didn’t really seem different than the rest of the scenery! Everything is grey…and gloomy!

Got home and stretched for about an hour. ITB felt good during the run and during the stretch. Worked on my quad knots…but my hammies felt like guitar strings! I’m hoping that if my ITB continues to do well, then my hamstrings will calm down because they’re no longer being irritated by the angry ITB. Sounds good, right? LOL! I have physio again tonight so we’ll see what she says about my theory!

I spent the rest of the day getting errands done and then while walking Abby in the evening, we ran into a woman who lives on a nearby street. Her name is Catherine and I’m not kidding, if given the choice, I think Abby might choose her over me. I don’t know what it is about Catherine, but Abby is OBSESSED with her. The minute Abby sees her, she usually pees and starts crying ’cause she just can’t get to her fast enough. This time Catherine was in her car, so she stopped, got out and at one point was on the ground with Abby (I wasn’t fast enough with my camera!!).

To be honest, I think one of the reasons Abby loves her so much is that Catherine lets Abby lick her all over her face. That is disgusting. I know where that tongue has been! Also, Catherine’s family has a wiener dog themselves, but for a while they were in between dogs and while they searched for one, Abby was their surrogate and there would have to be almost daily cuddle sessions. It was ridiculous…but hilarious.

Saturday night I watched this movie which, despite owning, I hadn’t seen in a few years…such a classic.

This scene is one of the best ones in the movie – but it struck me in a different way last night. Most of my teen girl patients just wish that they could shop at the clothing stores that all their friends shop at and wish that they didn’t feel judged, because of their size, when they were trying on clothes. I wish that they could have a moment like this with the clothing industry and snooty sales clerks who make judgments about people’s lives when they really don’t have the first clue.

And then there’s this scene…can you watch it and not laugh with Julia?!

Sunday morning I awoke to the most beautiful scene…SUN RAYS streaming in through my blinds!!

Sadly, when I got outside with Abby, it had disappeared…*sniff*

And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, Abby was in a REAL mood.

I just about lost my mind…

And finally, when she wouldn’t even turn around to go home, I caved (as per usual).

But she’s so heavy (32lbs) and awkward that I could really only carry her for 50m and then I had to put her down and I dragged and argued with her all the way home. It was NOT pretty.

And then when we get home, she doesn’t want the walk to end!! I GIVE UP!!!

On my evening walk with Abby last night, the clouds were still thick, but you could tell the sun was working VERY hard to break through…I had hopes that Monday would bring full sun!!

Got everything I needed to get done yesterday so not only was I able to get into bed nice and early, but Abby and I had some quality cuddle time! Those eyes are the reason she runs the show.

Woke up this morning to what is now the norm for the next 8 months: total darkness. When Abby and I left the house for our walk, this was the weather…yes, toque and mitts were worn! LOL!

BUT, the fabulous news is that this is what I saw on the horizon!!

Unfortunately Abby wasn’t nearly as excited as I was!

Today’s workout was hill sprints. And despite the weather being the coldest so far (it was still 50F when I left the house), I wore a t-shirt and shorts (and to be honest,  within 10 minutes, I wished I had worn a tank top!). Again, funny how your body adjusts so quickly.

Started off with a great 6k warm-up in gorgeous sunshine – seriously, I run faster in the sun!!

I sprinted up this darn hill 12 times. 

A little slower overall than the last time I did it, but that’s ok – I felt super strong this morning. Interval times for each 125m sprint was:

28 seconds, 29, 28, 26, 26, 25, 25, 24, 25, 24, 25, 24

Didn’t have enough time to stretch once I got home so I will be stretching at my desk throughout the day! 🙂

Happy Monday!!

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