Please don’t tell my compatriots…

…but this might have happened last night at my house…

And even after I had turned the fire off, she was sticking around (on her back of course) enjoying the remaining heat still radiating out.

Yeah, everyone was cold yesterday. I walked Abby with my neighbour and her dogs – she has 3 chihuahuas (all rescue and all ancient). One of them is 17 and just came along for the fresh air, not the walk. I’m SURE Abby is wondering how she can find one of these sacks that would fit her!!

Sooooo, I didn’t go to hockey last night. I just couldn’t do it. It was too cold and it was raining (ice rain as far as I was concerned) off and on. And you know? I don’t regret my decision and I don’t feel guilty about missing the last game at all. I need a hockey break.

So I spent a good chunk of time stretching instead and after a friend asked me what stretches I was doing, I figured I’d share them here. My stretches are focusing on opening up my hips. Note – my form/positioning is what my flexibility allows (or rather doesn’t allow) me to do! It’s far from perfect!!

I usually start off with foam rolling my quads, hams and ITB and then move on to these stretches.

LOVE this one. I will also raise the arm of the leg being stretched and reach over sideways with it to shift the focus of the stretch and bring it to the outside a bit more. I tend to hold this for about 30 seconds on each leg.

Pigeon pose – great for hip flexors and hip rotators. Technically my torso should be long (rather than rounded down), but I’m not trying to be a perfect yogi here! I will also switch up the angle of my torso to move the focus of the stretch around. I hold this for about 1 minute on each side – sometimes more.

From the Pigeon I will move into a Pigeon pose with a backbend which I love…but be careful if you’re trying it for the first time!!! This one is fabulous for my quads especially!! I try and hold this for 30s.

This next one, a seated twist, is a great prep pose for the one following it. You can either do it like the top pic or, if it’s comfortable, like the bottom pic (notice the furball on the couch “supervising” …aka sleeping).

And from this I move into a Smiling Cow Face…which I could almost fall asleep in it feels so good – for me at least! Here’s a video of the transition from the Twist (which I usually hold longer than I show in the video) into the Smiling Cow Face.

The idea is to get both knees directly on top of each other as best you can – make sure your knees feel “safe” –  that it’s not putting bad pressure on them!! I’ll hold this for a minute or two.

As I said yesterday, my hamstrings are really bothering me and I’m struggling to find a stretch that really targets where they’re tight or where the knots are. The challenge is that, and the physio noted this, I’m actually quite flexible in my hamstrings.

So last night I had the therapy ball under them, but it’s hard to apply enough pressure with my leg – same with the foam roller.  Abby had her own ball…but was using it for a different type of therapy!!

This morning I woke to the same weather…and darkness.

And Abby made the start of the walk extra fun when she threw down before we had even left the front steps!!

The rest of the walk was filled with not so much throw downs but more sit downs…has she become too lazy to even throw herself all the way down to the road??!!

While the same temperature (52F), it felt warmer today because there wasn’t any wind or misting rain like yesterday (I still wore my winter hat and mitts to walk Abby though). So I decided to wear a t-shirt to run in instead of a long sleeve…but still wore the mitts!! It’s still COLD!!

And I noticed the after effects of physio’s work on my ITB on Tuesday!

*sigh* it’s just not nearly as pretty without the sun!!

7 miles in a pace of 7:34 min/mile – but felt more difficult than before I left on vacay. Crazy how you can lose fitness so fast. Just need to keep reminding myself that it’ll come back!! Right leg felt ok – still my hamstrings bugging me the most. 

Am so excited the weekend is here!!!

Happy Friday!!

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