What?? WHY?!?

Why, when we have limited days where the temps are where I’m truly happy (85 and above) do we have to have a day like today where we are breaking a temperature record for a low set in 1889 (over a CENTURY ago!!). Today’s high is 55F. That is just WRONG. 

I realize that based on my nationality and where I have spent my entire life, that these temps should be bearable. But, without embarrassment, I wore this to walk Abby this morning:

And I had my hood up the entire time as well. And there was certainly no visible sunrise.

This was where it was when it was time to go for my run.

Note, I said, time to go for my run not when I went for my run. No, because I spent 40 minutes convincing myself to run outside rather than board the ratmill again. Yup, 40 minutes. In a conversation with myself. About running outside in a temperature that if found in March I’d be wanting to sunbathe in my backyard!

I am proud (if one can be ever even be proud after admitting that last part) that I did go outside. I might have been dressed like it was October…

…but I’ll tell you, I didn’t regret my decision. However, I am glad that I didn’t do what I REALLY wanted to do which is wear tights, running jacket and a winter hat! Fleetingly the question of where my hand warmers were also crossed my mind.

The run was ok – I had to shorten it to 5 miles because I wasted so much time being a wuss, so I was kind of pissed off at myself for most of the run. My ITB was ok – just got a little mouthy near the end, but not bad. My right hamstrings were the worst, but at least I know why they’re angry and I know they’ll get better as I follow the instructions of the physio. But let me tell you, it wasn’t NEARLY as beautiful as it has been…these were taken at the same location but one was this past Sunday when it was probably around 75 degrees and then today’s. *sigh*

Am at work now…wearing winter clothing and have my space heater on full blast…

And am doing some stretching while working! My co-workers are used to me. 🙂

Tonight is the last night of summer field hockey (winter season usually starts in November) and to be honest…I’m dreading it. I need a break from hockey…played winter Nov – April and then summer April – now…and also, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE. LOL!

Happy Thursday!!

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