And the physio says…

Yup, went to physio last night. Really like this girl – her name is Joey. She’s a runner and a power lifter…and super smart. She runs her business (StrongFast Physiotherapy & Athletic Conditioning) out of the basement of her home and has invested a lot of money into great equipment and space. 

(I took this pic from her website)

And what’s great for me is that she is a 2 minute drive from my house. I don’t know about you, but for me, if the practitioner I’m seeing or want to see isn’t located in a convenient location I’m know that it’s just not going to work.

Anyway, she did a slew of range of motion and strength tests and the “diagnosis” is “Pissed off ITB”. Ok, that’s my wording. What she feels is that my glutes likely aren’t quite strong enough (isn’t that every runner’s problem??) to support the mileage/workouts I’ve been doing which has caused some torquing of my hip joint while running which has irritated my ITB…which has then irritated my quad, hams and calves.  In discussion with her last night I realized that up until a year ago, I was regularly teaching boot camp classes (i.e. I had strength training built into my routine) but when I switched over to just subbing (which isn’t often now), I didn’t even think to put actual strength training into my workout routine…because I had never counted it as that in the first place.

So she has instructed me to add standing lunges into my routine 2-3 times a week (adding weights if necessary to ensure the lunges are challenging) and to keep using the foam roller on my ITB and therapy ball on my glutes. She did some ART on my ITB and massage on my glutes and I will see her again next week for the same thing.

We also discussed how my right ITB is likely more susceptible to being irritated from being “tortured” 11 years ago during my first and only ultra where I (stupidly and willingly) ran around a 1km loop (actually I think that it’s slightly less than that) for 6 hours…and completed 64km. And could barely walk afterwards because my ITB was so tight. Went through MONTHS of therapy after that.

Anyway, am feeling good about things – have a plan, will avoid workouts that irritate my ITB as I build strength in my glutes and loosen up the muscles.

It started raining yesterday late morning and has not stopped since. Like, seriously, not stopped. So walks with Abby have been a real treat because aside from having to wear full rain gear, this is what she’s like:

And I promise, that is actually Abby, walking full speed, ahead of me…like a REAL dog!!

This was us before our walk last night…yes, note that while I’m not paying attention to her, she is sneaking in a kiss!! Love this little creature SO MUCH!!

I love how when she’s wet, the fur on top of her head sticks up! Sometimes, I MIGHT style it into a Mohawk. MIGHT. LOL!

But while you’ve seen how much she LOVES to be on her back, the one time she does NOT like it is when I’m trying to towel her off after a walk! She is only an inch or two off the ground…so you can imagine that her belly fur is SOAKING WET. But she puts up a serious fight when I am drying her off and I have to hold her down!

So this morning, because it was raining, I decided to do my run inside on the treadmill…I really think I should have just run outside in the rain.

I love the TM during the winter (because, as you know, I think 55F is freezing cold!) but this morning, I just about lost my mind. Watching Breaking Bad didn’t even help. I wanted to do 7 miles, but I had to shorten it to 5 and even that took everything in me to complete.

Oh well! I got it done, right? LOL!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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