Birthday bash + stubborness – not just Abby this time! LOL!

We celebrated it last night, but today my dad (the most awesome man I know) turns 73. He is a father who truly demonstrates unconditional love for his family, has worked incredibly hard his whole life in both his professional career (he is STILL working) and his work for the community. He has been extremely successful and yet wants no recognition for it and he CERTAINLY will not help you come up with ideas for birthday presents. So what do you get a 73 year old man who has everything and wants nothing more than a birthday hug from you? Well, you have him over for dinner and you give him brand new pillows!! Seriously, I got him new pillows for his bed at home and up at the cottage. And he was THRILLED. Messaged me first thing this morning to thank me (for the 15th time) and to tell me he had had the best sleep last night.

It cooled down last night enough for us to have dinner outside which I love. I also love my mother, but let me tell you, she is a character (read: Ultimate Type A). And sometimes I do things to purposely irritate her – like last night, this table is set up in a way that makes her shudder. She believes that “nothing with a label belongs on a table” (yes, she thinks the little rhyme is hilarious). But I think that putting condiments in little bowls is the most ridiculous waste of time!! If the Queen were coming to dinner I MIGHT reconsider, but so far, that hasn’t happened.

I bbq’d up some of those giant hamburgers and we fully loaded them – yeah, I’m drooling.

And then I baked banana bread (the tragedy was that I didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand!!) and put a little vanilla ice cream on the side. Umm, yeah, to die for.

Needless to say, it was a late night and I KNEW it was going to hurt when my alarm went off this morning. Welllllllllll, that didn’t exactly happen. You know, if you want to wake up before the sun rises in the morning (5am), it really helps to actually SET YOUR ALARM. I woke up with a start at 5:45 – Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! One thought that actually did occur to me as I was springing out of bed was, “Hey, I might get to see the sun rise while I walk Abby today since we’re late!”.

*sigh* The weather and alarm clock gods are conspiring against me. It’s totally overcast today. No one saw the sunrise.

And apparently I was not the only one who wanted to stay in bed a little longer…

This is me negotiating with her about standing up so I can put her leash on.

Nothing really out of the ordinary, I guess…

I swear, she’s laughing at me.

I’ll be honest, I just felt dead tired and did NOT want to go for my run this morning. And in hindsight, I probably should have just listened to my body, but I didn’t (don’t shake your head at me – you do it too sometimes!! LOL!)

So off I went – but I could only do 5 miles rather than 7 because of getting up so late!

And I kind of hated almost every minute of it. I accidentally left my music behind but I think that was a good thing – I literally needed to listen to my body which was tired and to be honest, aching a bit. My right hamstring was bugging me today. I really tried to slow my pace down and I did somewhat – although I’m not going to tell you what my pace is because then you’ll just roll your eyes at me. But seriously, I battled the whole time to not let things get out of control. It’s like my legs and the smart/logical part of my brain are NOT wanting to be friends or even negotiate. LOL! But yeah, as I said, I probably just should have not run this morning. I don’t think I gained anything from it.

I have a date tonight…with physio!! WOOHOO! I have never been to her before, but she apparently is a new member of our team and my coach says he has heard really good things about her. I figure if she is on our team, then she’ll understand my mentality…and we might be able to exchange some war stories about “the crazy girl” on the team – LOL!!! (I’m being serious).

Happy Tuesday!!!

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