Best Vacay, Best return surprise…and um, evil hills. They are not the best.

I missed you!!!! And really wish that you could have been there with “us”.

With my constant need to be “connected” at all times whether it’s with friends, family or work, I know that I forget or perhaps never realized in the first place, how much it actually stresses me out. Up until last December I had always owned a Blackberry and up at the cottage there was this one small spot on the dock (I basically had it marked off) where I could get a signal. But then I switched to the iPhone and the mighty Apple product completely fails to pick up a signal ANYWHERE close to the cottage – I lose signal about 20 minutes away from my cottage. So this was the longest I have been without “signal” since…well…since I got a phone. And while I missed being able to connect with people (or just look up something on google!), I have to admit…I think my blood pressure lowered. I slept better, I listened better, I relaxed better (or perhaps it’s more correct to say simply, I relaxed). And as I prepared on Saturday evening to come home, I could feel the stress building as I thought about all the emails and messages that would beep, ring, honk on my phone as I got a signal. So I actually turned my phone off for the ride home. Just to give me one more hour. I think I need to disconnect myself more on a regular basis and will spend the next few days figuring out how to do that. Now, let me get this straight, I’m talking about for an hour or two at a time…NOT 6 days. LOL!

So what did I do while up there for the week? It’s quite simple.

I woke up each morning and picked up my paddle and headed down to the dock – Abby was there the minute she saw me reach for my paddle!

We were up between 6:30-7:30 each morning so we could catch the lake when it was like a mirror and there was no one but us out on it.

Abby loves canoe rides so much that I found her here one afternoon! HAHA!

Then after our canoe ride (and some breakfast) it was time for yoga. I’m not one that does yoga all the time, but I have gone through phases where I do it somewhat regularly…I realized the minute I started it last week that it had been A LOOOOOONG time since I last did it. I used to pride myself on being very flexible…ummm, yeah, I have work to do. Because of my mystery problem with my right leg, I focused a lot on stretching the glutes, ITB, quads and hams. I have traditionally done yoga in my living room and gone to the odd class. I don’t know how I will ever do it any place but here now!!


This is a great hip flexor stretch that I modified with different arm/torso positions. I NEED to do this more regularly (note: these poses might not be technically correct!!!).


Half-Moon (Abby is supervising and telling me I need that supporting leg straighter!)

Reverse Half-Moon (had to keep reminding myself to BREATHE!!)

After yoga I would change into my bikini, jump in the water, and then lay on my lounge chair on the dock and LITERALLY spend the rest of the day there, reading, napping (oh the naps I took!). I read 6 books there. Yup, a book a day! Such a luxury.

Look at the clouds’ reflections in the lake! Beautiful!!

I wear the head band so that I don’t get a sunburn at my hairline (which is annoying, right??)

Below was taken on Thursday…the day that I spent the entire day under the umbrella on the dock…had just had too much sun and needed a break. I look at this pic and I feel relaxed. It’s day 4 of no make-up, no styling my hair, no need for clothing choices (other than which bikini).

Abby spent her days hunting (completely unsuccessfully – you remember the rabbit video, right?) frogs, snakes, otters, chipmunks and her MAIN nemesis – the red squirrel. Oh how she loathes that animal. LOL! And we would be on the dock until the sun started to set behind the trees on the other side of the lake.

And I would be eating my dinner as the sky was a palette of amazing colours!

On Thursday night my friend Matt came over for a few beers. I met him because he used to own the cottage right across the lake but sold it 4 years ago and bought another one on the lake just next to ours (he can drive to my cottage in 2 minutes). Matt is 51 years old…but is such a kid. I have no idea why it got to where he was doing hand stands but it did.

When I got home yesterday I unpacked and then went out to turn on my sprinkler to water my front garden. I opened my garage to get the sprinkler and hose out and just about fell over from shock. I really wish I had a “before” picture but just trust me when I say my garage was a disaster. Nothing was organized, there was stuff everywhere, piled up on the sides AND there was probably an inch of salt crust on the floor (from the roads during the winter). It has been something on my “to do” list for a long time…but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it…two big reasons are because a) it was just so dirty…ewwww! and b) I knew there would be spiders (MY nemesis). But while I was gone, my neighbour Chuck (who is the guy I call whenever I need something fixed!!) surprised me by cleaning it out (apparently it took him two days!! Eeeeeek!). Not only did he clean it out (power sprayed the floors for two hours), but he hung things up…and plans to build me shelving but wanted to wait for my input!

This is my FAVORITE part. I don’t even know why I have an axe, but he found one in my garage and labeled it appropriately (although spelled incorrectly – makes it more DANGEROUS, right?)! LOL!! 

I can’t thank Chuck enough for doing this. It was the greatest surprise EVER…my garage has gone from a place I tried to avoid to one that…well…I kinda want to invite people over to hang out in! Haha – ok, maybe not THAT far.

So I didn’t run once while away. And not once did I wish that I could. I needed rest. But despite the rest and the yoga/stretching/rolling/therapy ball torture, I still feel as though my leg’s not totally right. I went out for a 7 mile run Sunday morning and tried to keep it tame, but you know me right? It wasn’t. 7:35 min/mile pace. Stupid. But on the positive side, it was GORGEOUS yesterday. When I stopped to stretch quickly at the half way point I took pics of these:

The entire bridge has these – a trend that started in Europe and has spread. The idea is that couples inscribe their names on a padlock and lock it onto the bridge. It looks really neat.

During my run my leg felt “ok” but my right ITB was definitely giving me a low growl the entire time. When I got home I spent about an hour stretching/rolling.

Woke up this morning and was REALLY confused…there was no light streaming in through my blinds. *crying* It means the days are now noticeably shorter!!

No sunrise pics – this is the best I got…

The moon is what was in the sky as I left my house – apparently right now the moon is the closest to earth it will be in 2014. The pic doesn’t do it justice – it was huge and amazing!

Just as I was finishing my walk with Abby, the sun was starting to come up! :((

And clearly I’m not the only one who was feeling sad about vacation being done with!

Then I went out on my run…I wasn’t really sure what to do today as Mondays are hill repeats, but with my leg issues AND having just taken the last week off…is it smart to blast a hill repeat workout out? In the end I decided to do it, but to take it somewhat easy – not gun it up the hill and only do 4 instead of 6.  Guess what? I actually did just that! 🙂

Started with 6k warmup along the river…

And then battled THE HILL. Ugh. I hate this hill so much. It just seems endless. 

But I did it – 4 times. Intervals of 78 seconds, 76, 76 and 73. Not too bad. A few seconds slower than the last time I did the long hill repeats – but that’s what I was aiming for this morning!

And how was the leg? It was ok…meaning, it’s angry, but not searing pain. LOL! Yes, that’s my measurement of how things are! Did some stretching afterwards and will do more tonight.

Now it’s back to the grind of work…*sigh*

Happy Monday!!

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