Last post for a week – Weekend of final run, football & puppies!


I decided to stay in town for the weekend to have some decompression days at home, run some errands, do laundry and clean the house…isn’t it the best to come home to a clean house after you’ve been away??  So I leave this morning for the cottage, won’t be back until next weekend (as long as the weather cooperates) and will have no access to internet while there! I’m both nervous and excited for that last bit!

Last I told you I was asking my coach if I could take this week off from running to try and heal whatever is going on in my right leg. As I suspected, he said YES and to get myself to physio ASAP if it wasn’t better by the time I got back…and then sent me another email basically telling me to go regardless! LOL! 

I awoke Saturday morning to a GORGEOUS day (although Abby INSISTING on waking me at 6:15am was NOT appreciated) and we walked through the “Enchanted Forest”.

And then I went on my long run. Calm down, I know, I know, WHY did I do that if I’m so injured. Welllll…I didn’t know my previous run was my last one, so I didn’t get a chance to appreciate it as such…hahahaha. We runners can justify anything, right? 

But I shortened it. I was supposed to do around 13 miles on Saturday but I shortened it to 10 miles (yes, that IS shortening it!!).  My leg was really bothering me when I first got out of bed and slightly improved after walking Abby, but there is not much difference in discomfort whether I’m sitting, walking or running. Again – another way I justified the somewhat illegal run.

My run was good. This was taken along the Ottawa River with the Parliament buildings on the left and the Supreme Court of Canada on the right.

I felt like I was running strong and it wasn’t until mile 7 that my ITB really started to bug me so I slowed the pace a bit. In the end, I ran it in an avg pace of 7:36 min/mile which is pretty darn good as far as I am concerned! And then I literally spent the next 90 minutes on the foam roller and therapy ball. By the end, that ball had spent time with every square inch of my right butt cheek! LOL! And it actually felt A LOT better. No, don’t worry, I’m not going to run again for a week.

As I’ve mentioned before, Ottawa got a new foot ball team. We originally had the Ottawa Rough Riders (1876 -1996) and then the Ottawa Renegades (2002-2006) and now we have the Ottawa Redblacks…which I think is just about the dumbest name and my theory as to why those chose it (rather than the hundreds of other submissions that had historical connections to Ottawa) is that it’s easily translated into French (Le Rouge et Noir d’Ottawa – see, just as dumb in French!).  They built a new stadium and there has been much hype about the team. My dad got season’s tickets and two weeks ago was the home opener to which my brother got to go with my dad. Saturday night was their second home game and I went with my dad. 

We have great seats!

Let’s get something clear. I DO NOT follow football (yes, I can hear some of you yelling at me!) and I know really only the basic concept of the game but even I could see that we have just about THE WORST team you could have. The only way to make it worse would be to have me as the QB. And I’m kinda being serious. Want some examples?

  1. We pretty much gave a standing ovation near the end of the first quarter. Why? Oh, because that was when we got our FIRST down of the game! Did you get that? With 4 mins left if the first quarter we got our FIRST DOWN.
  2. Quote from 10 year old boy sitting in front of me: “It’s not a down, but they actually caught the ball!!”.  Yup, we cheered when they CAUGHT the ball.
  3. Same boy 5 minutes later, “They caught the ball AND there wasn’t a penalty called!”
  4. Although I don’t have the stats to prove it, I’m fairly certain that the number of yards they lost from penalties (how many times can a team get called for too many players on the field in ONE GAME?!), quadruples the number of yards they successfully moved the ball forward.
  5. In the 2nd quarter we attempted a field goal but it was short (are you surprised?), the opposing team caught it and proceeded to run ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FIELD (112 yards to be exact) for a touchdown. I’m not kidding. And I kinda cheered for them. It was awesome. Haha!
But then we do something INCREDIBLE. We punted the ball for 73 yards and it rolled its way across the opposing team’s end zone and then one of our players ran the length of the field and jumped on this bouncing ball for an onside punt recovery giving us a TOUCHDOWN…the first of this kind since 1999 (before that it had been 1973). I didn’t even know this play existed. And I wasn’t the only one. The referees initially didn’t call it as a TD…then they pulled out their rule books and confirmed the play. TD for Ottawa….um yeah, to say the stadium exploded with cheering is a slight understatement.

We switched QBs in the 4th quarter and somehow managed to get another TD (you almost felt embarrassed for the other team for letting it happen!). But it didn’t really change anything…we lost 38-14. HAHAHAHAHA!! But let me tell you, it was PURE entertainment. I have never laughed so hard. At my own team. I’d say the biggest problem of the night is that with it being a brand new stadium they seem to still be figuring out how to serve beer fast enough (ok, there really is no excuse for this)…the lineups were INSANE and the guys selling beer in the stands ran out of beer before they even could get to the stands. So when we finally got ours, it was magic!

Sunday afternoon I drove out to a small town about an hour from Ottawa to visit the breeder I got Abby from – her name is Jane too…it was meant to be! 🙂 The reason I went is because she has a litter of puppies and I always go out to cuddle with the new litters to help with socialization (yes, apparently I help with that! Ha!). I seriously don’t know how I don’t come away with one or two hidden in my purse. They are just too cute for words!! There were 4 of them – all black and tan like Abby except for one red one.

And then Abby needed some attention too…

Oh, but wait…that’s not Abby!! Did I fool you!? It’s her mom, Velvet! They are pretty much identical and have the EXACT same mannerisms. The breeder and I just laugh – they both are VERY skilled at the throw down. Here they are giving each other some kisses – Abby is on the right.

And now, the car is packed and Abby and I are headed up to the cottage for the rest of the week!! We’ll catch up once we’re back!!
Happy first week of August!!

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