I’m getting smarter at listening and our Highway of Heroes.

As on Monday, I had to cover for a co-worker and go into work an hour earlier today (and no, I don’t get to leave an hour earlier) and so decided to do that same ridiculous plan as Monday and get up at 4:30am so I could get my run in before work.

Last night my right ITB was very sore and so I did a lot of stick and foam roller work which seemed to help, but everything in my right leg just feels tight – or on the verge of being tight.

I got up when my alarm went off – sometimes, at that hour, you don’t even think, you just move. Abby moved less swiftly than I did though. We ate breakfast and then headed out for our “walk”. 

I definitely do NOT have a sunrise picture for you. It was dark.

 And foggy.

And 53F.

And I was dragging myself….but nothing compared to what this Diva was doing!

No, that’s not road kill, that is my perfectly healthy DOG!

And it continued like this every few steps for FIFTY MINUTES.

Seriously though, it wasn’t just her, I felt SO tired. Every muscle in my body was tired. And I have field hockey tonight so I’m TECHNICALLY not supposed to run in the morning. So I made a decision that although was not easy, was a smart one. 

I went back to bed for an hour…snuggling with the little Diva who apparently agreed with my decision.

I can rest on my rest days without a problem because I know that it’s a crucial part of my training, but not running on days where I had planned to run (yes, yes, I’m not supposed to have planned to run on Thursday, I KNOW!) is much more difficult. But I’m slowly getting better at it. And the only regret I currently have is even getting up at 4:30 this morning – I would have done myself more good by just sleeping in until 5 or 5:30 and not even trying to fit this run in this morning…this run that TECHNICALLY is not even supposed to exist. That’s progress, I think.

And it gives me room to talk about something that I’ve wanted to acknowledge since my family reunion when we went to see the Sound & Light Show (and when Brad was here too!).  One of the images shown during the show is:

And chances are, if you don’t live in Canada (and maybe if you live outside of Ontario), you won’t know what the “Highway of Heroes” is. But it’s something so awesome…and usually brings tears to my eyes.

I’ve spoken about one of the main highways here in Ontario (the 401) and how it’s one of the busiest in North America (and makes me want to lose my mind when on it and trying to drive across the top of Toronto!). Along the 401 is a town called Trenton and a large part of Trenton’s economy comes from the Canadian Forces Base that is there. When soldiers are killed in action are flown to the Trenton base, they are then transported by motorcade, down the 401, to the coroner’s office in Toronto. During our time in Afghanistan, as those trips became unfortunately more common, what started to happen was that residents, police officers and firefighters of the towns that the motorcade would pass by on its trip to Toronto, would gather on overpasses and salute the fallen soldier.

In 2007, that portion of the highway was renamed Highway of Heroes in remembrance of Canada’s fallen soldiers – and really, all the men and women who have given their lives for their country.  So when that image flashes across the Parliament Buildings, it’s something very special.

There have been thunder and lightning storms since I got to work apparently (I haven’t been near a window!) so we’ll see what happens with field hockey tonight!

Happy Thursday!!

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