Abby love + a rainy track workout!

After dinner last night I got down on the floor in my living room and started the torture treatment process for my right leg – foam roller, stick and therapy ball. While at times incredibly uncomfortable, the knot in my quad is almost non-existent and overall, everything felt better. Really, the biggest challenge I had last night while doing this was trying not being mauled by a furry little beast! She seems to think that me on the ground = free for all face licks!!

I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe my ears…it was pouring rain outside!! I don’t know why I was so surprised, it’s not like I had checked the weather – I tend to avoid checking the weather when it’s suddenly cold outside (like the last few days) in fear that I’ll find out it’s going to be cold for a long time! But by the time I stepped outside to walk Abby

it was just sprinkling…but the Diva still wanted nothing to do with it

I dragged her out and around the ‘hood, but it was a shorter walk than usual – I just couldn’t deal with the tantrums!!

Today’s workout was to be on the track and I briefly considered doing it in the basement on the treadmill, but the rain had stayed steady at light, so I figured I’d drive there and if it got bad, I could easily come back. So, I get in my car and as I turn off my street, the heavens opened up. But, I knew the showers were to be scattered all day today, so I thought I’d just see what the track was like, 2km away. Sure enough, it was just light rain over there! Ha! Fooled you, rain!

Did a quick 3k warm-up along the canal – still pretty, just grey.

And then I hit the track for a grueling workout. Really, it was grueling because it involved intervals of 300m which I’m not as familiar with so I’m not as good at pacing myself for them.

The workout:

Do you know how much I LOVE the recovery time in between sets when I can just stand still or slowly walk around?? SO MUCH. So this “jog recovery” is like a little slice of evil. LOL! 

Because of my sore right leg, I made sure I did a full warm-up on the track with some A’s, B’s and heel kicks. But let me tell you, after watching these videos, I want to yell at myself for looking so lazy! I clearly need to work on my form!!

A’s – March

A’s – Skip

B’s- Skip

C’s – Kick

You can see how it’s really supposed to be done here

I was a bit all over the place, but here are my splits:

Set 1: 60 seconds, 60, 62, 61, 60
Set 2: 59, 60, 59, 61, 57
Set 3: 57, 57, 60, 57, 57

And yes, this means my magic purple shoes got wet and dirty this morning!! WOOHOO!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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