Blazing awesome run followed by a freeze out!

Came home from work yesterday and while Abby is normally always really happy to see me, she was EXTRA cuddly and cute…when I went up to my room a few minutes I later, I realized it was guilty-cuddly…and when I came back downstairs, this is how I found her. SO guilty.

I have given up trying to figure out WHY she does this…but seriously, WHY??? But can you imagine if it was my new shoes that she had chewed up rather than just their box??

My right leg has been bothering me – either my glutes, ITB, hamstrings or foot have been really achy/angry the last week. I think it all really stems from a large knot in my quad and I have been trying to roll out out on my foam roller and using the Stick (which I hate) but last night I finally had to resort to using the therapy ball. So painful. You lie belly down on the floor, place the ball just above your knee, in the middle in line with femur. Keep toes on floor and do small movements back and forth, or hold still (which ever feels “better”). Slowly move the ball up the leg focusing on ~ 4 different spots.

If you can hit a knot…woah. It’s that horrible pain where you need to breathe really deeply and force yourself to relax around the ball. I felt at least part of the knot give last night. I’ll go at it again tonight.

This morning was CHILLY (52F) but the sunrise was gorgeous!! A big ball of orange!

Abby moves slowly – we all know that, right? And she gets distracted REALLY easily. Sometimes, the only thing to keep her moving in a straight line (or straight-ish) is if she has something in her mouth – this morning, she was all about that.

Not sure if you can really see clearly in these but…

Here she is carrying a twig in her mouth…

And then a pine cone – which is so big her mouth has to stay open

And then this one cracked me up – not sure what is in her mouth – probably still the pine cone, but it takes priority apparently over space for her tongue in her mouth which is now just hanging out the side!

Then it was time to get my run on – first solid run in my new shoes!! I was a bit worried about the temp (still holding at 52F) but, as always, within 400m, I was warm! And it was gorgeous out!!

While the shoes felt great, I didn’t really feel all that strong. Spent most of my run wondering whether I needed to take a break from running for a week, if I was fatigued, whether my quad knot was affecting my running that much, whether I needed more sleep, was I eating enough? Don’t get me wrong, I felt like I was running well, but I just felt that for how hard it felt, I really wasn’t running that fast (does that make sense??). Keep in mind, I don’t look at my garmin at all while I’m running, so I’m basing all of this on how fast I think the pavement is passing under my feet – VERY scientific, right? As it turns out, it is NOT AT ALL. I got back to my house, hit stop on the garmin and just about fell over when I saw it telling me I just had an average pace of 7:20 and average HR of 165. WHAT?? WHAT??!!! I might have done a happy dance. I don’t think I have ever run that route that fast IN MY LIFE!!! I want to say it’s the shoes…but isn’t that a little crazy?

So I get inside, am already starting to get chilled (it’s now a balmy 54F) so I go and get in the shower. It’s cold. So I turn the knob. It’s still cold. I turn it some more. CRAP. My hot water tank is busted. So I showered in cold water (NOT PLEASANT) and then text the handyman that lives on my street who says he’ll pop over to my house sometime today while I’m at work but that first I should just go and unplug and then plug it back in. I laugh and say, “OK…sure…whatever you say”. 

Yeah, so that apparently works. Hot water tank is back online…at least for now!!

(and handyman says I now owe him $20 for the service text – LOL!! Seriously, I have tried to pay him before and he REFUSES)

Meanwhile, I’m at work and STILL cold…have my heater on under my desk!! BUT, I have magic purple shoes.

Happy Tuesday!!

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