Picking up a celebrity at the airport tonight!

Today is a really exciting day – one that I have been looking forward to since May!! Tonight I’m picking up fellow tweep, Brad, at the airport and introducing him to Ottawa over 36 hours!! Actually, it will also be an introduction to Canada for him as it’s his first time here!!

Brad is one of the most ridiculous people I have ever known. He was diagnosed with Gillain-Barre Syndrome in 2003 and found himself wheelchair bound and told that he would likely never walk again. Wanna know someone who laughs in the face of adversity? Brad has since completed 9 Ironmans (it might actually be 10 now, I can’t keep track), a double and triple Ironman (WHAT?? WHO DOES THAT??!!) and 70.3 Ironmans (not sure how many).  And if that isn’t enough, he’s now focused on doing those distances while pulling/pushing kids who aren’t ambulatory. This was him in May helping this child experience completing a half marathon.

 He dedicates his life to helping others including countless hours spent volunteering with the Special Olympics – tell me that isn’t pure joy in that child’s face (and most likely Brad’s as well)!!

I tell you this because he won’t do it enough. But then again, that’s what makes him so cool. And I think, a kind of celebrity.

He’s competing in Ironman Lake Placid this weekend. Lake Placid, NY is about 3 hours from here and since Brad lives in Texas, he’s going to be relatively REALLY close to Canada (and Ottawa) this weekend so he thought he’d take advantage of this proximity, make a short detour, and take his first steps on Canadian soil! He reached out to me and asked whether he should go to Ottawa or Montreal…duh! Ottawa, of course! (Ok, Montreal is awesome, but I’m in Ottawa so I’m biased!). And with my offer to tour him around the city, he chose wisely and booked plane tickets to Ottawa! I pick him up this evening at the airport, I took tomorrow off of work, and he flies out EARLY Friday morning – so it’s going to be a jammed packed 36 hours here ’cause I want to SHOW HIM EVERYTHING about Ottawa and Canada – LOL!! Poor guy.

I think it’s really cool that he wanted to come to Canada and learn about the country. Although he’s not thrilled about how I’m making him try Poutine…seriously, the yummiest thing around! 

He’s staying at the same hotel where I held my family reunion this past weekend (an awesome, beautiful and historic hotel in downtown Ottawa) and now that I’m on a first name basis with the hotel, they’ve offered to upgrade his room!! I have another tweep (one of my favs) coming to visit in September and the hotel has offered to do the same thing then if they can! Lesson here? If you come to Ottawa you get an awesome tour guide and probably a great hotel deal!!

This morning I woke to the sound of thunder and lightning…but only a few drops of rain. My walk with Abby was overcast and disgustingly muggy. I decided to drive to the track and do a warm-up from there so that if the skies opened up like they were threatening to, I could just get in my car!

Yeah, the skies looked MUCH LESS threatening once I started my warm-up…but the humidity had definitely not improved!

Then it was track time!

Today’s workout:

@ 5k pace on 90s recovery.

How I did:

800m: 2:50, 2:48
400m: 1:18, 1:16
200m: *** (forgot to hit “lap” on my watch!!), 35s, 33, 31

And then can I tell you how lovely it was to get to drive home after a track workout rather than run home on jelly legs??!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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