I am completely in love and a special moment this morning downtown.

Please let me just gush about my nephew – the love of my life. As soon as I finished work, I went home, picked up Abby and headed over to my parents for dinner. I parked in the driveway and walked around to the backyard and as soon as I came around the corner, Jackson looked up, dropped his toys and came running towards me, arms open wide shrieking, “AUNTIE JANE!!!”. There is nothing sweeter. I swooped him up in my arms and gave him a big kiss!

Then he looked as Abby rushed past him into my parents garden, pointed at her and said, “What’s that?”.  We all burst out laughing. LOL!! #Abbyisnotanormaldog

I seriously just want to hug him all day long!! This is him with my dad, Poppa, who is teaching Jackson how to safely cross the street…but we all know that Jackson just has eyes for Auntie Jane!!

He is just the happiest little boy around 

and I melt every time he says, “Auntie Jane”

After dinner we walked down to the park to feed ducks and let Abby play around with other dogs…and of course there was another wiener dog there…but a mini…and remember, Abby is a GIGANTIC standard wiener dog. Jackson just loved them both!!

The reason they’re in town (yeah, ’cause my bro and SIL are here too but I’m much less interested in them! LOL) is that this weekend is our bi-annual family reunion. Every 2 years, my mom’s side of the family gets together – in a different location but somewhere in Quebec or Ontario – and this year I’m the one in charge of organizing it and it’s here in Ottawa! I have 25 family members coming into town and I’ve organized the hotel, restaurants and the events we’ll do all weekend!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM!!

But, because I’m busy with family all weekend, I had to do my long run this morning before work. Last weekend was 13 miles so this weekend is 10 and I did my “weekend long run route” which I have clearly never done during the week…it was SO different! Less runners out and WAY more cars and cyclists going to work! I think the most striking difference was being the only one on Parliament Hill. 

I have lived in Ottawa for almost 30 years and I have NEVER been the only one standing at the Centennial Flame. It was actually a really special moment. This flame was lit during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 1967 and was meant to only be a temporary monument but proved to be so popular that it became permanent. The Flame is fuelled by natural gas and surrounded by a fountain whose outer border has the shields of 12 of Canada’s provinces and territories – Nunavut is absent as it did not become a province until 1999. Because of the flame, the water never freezes – even in the dead of our arctic winter!! Contrary to what many believe, it’s not an eternal flame – it does get extinguished for maintenance purposes and in 2002, during the G8 protests, the Prime Minister decided to have the flame extinguished and the monument covered to avoid damage – it was covered by a welded steel lid attached to concrete. That’s intense, no?

Anyway, normally, the fountain is completely surrounded by people and so finding it like this was really neat!

I ran 10 miles and my pace was 7:45 min/mile. It felt relatively good but I’ll be honest, my right leg is not happy with me right now. ITB, quads, hams and glutes just feel seized. It needs some TLC. I wondering if maybe I need some new shoes…which would mean I could get rid of the green beasts! I don’t usually wear my shoes out quickly but I have put well over 400 miles on them…I might have to go shoe shopping soon! 🙂

Counting down the hours until I get to hug Jackson again!!

Happy Friday!!!

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