No hockey tonight ’cause I’m hanging with my favorite man!! (after some rolling)

By the time I got home last night, walked Abby, ate and cleaned up from dinner I realized that my right ITB down at my knee had that electrical burning feel…if you’ve had ITB problems before, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. And just in general, my right hip felt tight and angry.

I tried to do some foam rolling but a) I was tired and b) someone was NOT helping. I think all dogs do this, no? That and trying to lick your face while you’re trying to roll!

So I just went to bed and decided I’d see how it felt in the morning.

Well, morning came and while it was a beautiful morning, my right leg was angry. 

And since I already wasn’t able to go to hockey tonight, I REALLY wanted to run. But, as I think is the same for most runner, I have an injury that easily recurs: tight ITB. I have, fingers crossed, been fine for years, but after I ran my first (and likely only ultra) my right ITB was DESTROYED and I spent months in rehab. So as soon as it starts to make some rumblings, I listen. Not to say I didn’t debate with myself during the entire 45 minute walk with Abby and try and come up with reasons why I should still run, but I think the entire time I knew what the right answer was.

So when I got back home I changed into workout clothes and pulled out the foam roller. I focused on ITB, vastus lateralis (outside quad) and glutes. 

When you see what you look like in a picture – your upper body sure looks awkward!!

Here is some video of me doing simple rolling of my ITB (as if rolling along the outside seam of my shorts) and then twisting slightly forward to get into the meat of the vastus lateralis. I do it for longer but I’m sure you have better uses for your time today! I could roll up higher to my hip, but my issue is down at where it inserts just below the knee so that’s where I was focusing most.

And then I do something that’s extra painful fun.  As you’re doing your simple rolling, you often will notice specific areas/knots that you roll over. Find one of them, pause on top of it and then bend your knee back and forth until you feel it relax. If you had both legs up for the simple rolling part, drop the top one back down so that not your entire weight is on “the knot”. It’s awesome…in that “takes your breath away” kind of way.

Ok, so as I mentioned, I’m not going to hockey tonight (probably a good thing given the need for the above workout) because I have my most favorite man in the world to see tonight!!

My 2.5 year old nephew and godson, Jackson. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this little munchkin and just swoop him up into my arms! He, my brother and SIL live 5.5 hours from here so we don’t see them all that often – last time I saw them was in January!! I just melt when I’m with him. My SIL told me that all week he’s been saying, “When we seeing Auntie Jane? AUNTIE JANE!!!”.

6.5 hours until I see him.

Happy Thursday!!

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